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Built-in With Dark Mode

LightkeyPad is a lite text editor powered by predictive text technology, offering inline word predictions and live spelling corrections in over 80 languages, supporting eye-friendly light & dark themes.

Lightkey Sources Ltd is a technology company that develops a predictive typing software for Windows using artificial intelligence and deep learning algorithms. 

Lightkey’s professional edition offers inline word prediction that can reach up to 12 words including punctuation marks, along with contextual spelling correction. Lightkey supports a wide range of prediction categories including technology, business, finance, law, academia, etc.

Grow Your Productivity And

Increase Your Typing Speed

Lightkey’s free text editor offers context-based word predictions based on your own typing patterns, allowing you to speed up your typing and complete your tasks faster than ever.

Lightkey offers a selection of 68 prediction categories, ranging from Technology, Business and Academy to Sports, Art, Entertainment and more. For example, if one of your selected categories is under Academy / Physics, starting to type “el” will trigger Lightkey to offer “electrons” as your tailored prediction. In addition, Lightkey features a personalized dashboard that enables you to keep track and evidently master your time spent on typing. Lightkey's dashboard analytics include time saved, typing speed (WPM), average daily/weekly typing time and overall efficiency.

A truly intelligent typing experience, one in which your thoughts are seamlessly transformed into written text is part of a foreseeable future we are extremely passionate about and humbled to take part in creating. There are billions of man hours to be saved by introducing novel technology into the archaic typing mechanism that hasn't really changed since the first typewriter was invented 150 years ago. We always believed that improving Lightkey’s prediction capabilities will increase the level of engagement by users and help them get the most out of it.

Focus On Your Ideas,

Forget About Typos

Lightkey’s free text editor offers live spelling corrections even for your misspelled words. In addition to its built-in vocabularies, LightkeyPad will learn and offer spelling corrections based on your unique vocabulary.

Your Privacy. First.

Lightkey will never submit your content to the cloud. In addition, Lightkey's word prediction and spelling correction capabilities don't require any internet connectivity.

Get The Most Relevant Terms 

LightkeyPad includes over 60 prediction content domains including technology, business, finance, law, academia, and more. LightkeyPad will offer the most relevant terms based on your content.

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