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Can You Feel AI?

The Landscape

Most AI-powered technologies we come across nowadays (mobile apps, IoT etc.) rely on cloud connectivity, as their AI engine requires enormous computational power that is mostly unavailable on our devices.

Modern technology enables high-speed internet connectivity resulting in very quick response times (sub-second). However, while that may be sufficient for some services and applications (e.g., sales forecast, disease diagnosis, predictive analytics etc.), other services that require real-time (milliseconds) response rates simply cannot rely on cloud-based AI.

Cloud-based AI incorporates a few additional inherent challenges, such as (the lack of) Privacy. When using any cloud-based AI, we should take into account that our data is sent to the cloud for processing and it is hence exposed to 3rd parties, which in many cases use it to improve their overall service.

Performance & Privacy – Core Values of Predictive Typing

Performance – Text Prediction is one of those services where real-time response rate can be the difference between being annoying and productive, as waiting for the prediction to appear is a price not everyone will be willing to pay. In some cases (e.g., remote or non-connected work environments), cloud-based text prediction is simply not relevant.

Privacy – while many of us are privacy-agnostic using our mobile devices to share content using 3rd party (cloud-based) platforms, when it comes to content we create on our PCs, the privacy waiver is far less obvious. Moreover, in some cases (e.g., regulated work environments), cloud-based text prediction is again not relevant.

The (Only) Alternative – AI at Your Fingertips

When Lightkey was first conceived over 3 years ago, we identified both Performance and Privacy as crucial core values. Adding the power of AI to Lightkey’s engine was always expected to be a game changer. However, sticking to our core values there was really only one way to do that, and that is to incorporate the AI (trained neural networks) into the algorithm itself.

Using some proprietary techniques, we managed to pack and utilize the full power of AI into Lightkey as a complete stand-alone product, while maintaining the highest performance and privacy standards. The full text prediction processing cycle takes less than 10 milliseconds while the content never leaves your machine. In other words, as our users often tell us – using Lightkey lets you FEEL the power of AI at your fingertips.

Lightkey is currently the world’s only non-cloud-based AI-powered predictive typing software.


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