Introducing Lightkey Anywhere – Lightkey in Any Desktop Application

By far Lightkey’s biggest challenge to-date is finally solved, as Lightkey’s predictions and spelling corrections are now available in any text field and any desktop application.

After a long R&D process which included exploring new technological territories and practicing new disciplines, the long-anticipated breakthrough is finally achieved. Lightkey is proud to announce its game-changing feature – Lightkey Anywhere.

Lightkey Anywhere is a flexible stand-alone solution that delivers nearest-to-native inline prediction experience in any text field and any desktop application.

Just call it, and it’s there.

Pressing Ctrl key + mouse click in any editable text field will summon a flexible window wherein Lightkey's suggestions natively show as you type. Once completed, you simply hit Enter and your text shows up in the chosen field.

‘Lightkey Anywhere’ is included in Lightkey’s latest edition – Lightkey Pro – along with additional features like: an integrated touch-typing course and advanced data management capabilities like ‘on-demand learning’ – the ability to inject predefined vocabularies into Lightkey’s prediction engine (soon to be released).

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