AI-Powered Prediction


How Lightkey's AI-Powered Predictions Work

Lightkey uses specially crafted neural networks that identify deep connections between text segments to improve text prediction and spelling correction accuracy. This feature is only available and enabled by default in our premium editions Lightkey Professional and Lightkey for Business.

The (Second) Rise of Artificial Intelligence

80 years ago (in the 1940’s) computer scientists started to develop the idea of creating artificial neural networks that try to emulate the human brain. As they made progress, there was great optimism about the potential breakthroughs this technology could achieve. "within ten years a digital computer will discover and prove an important new mathematical theorem“, said H. A. Simon and Allen Newell in 1958.

In practice, a real breakthrough was only achieved about 50 years later with the rise of computing power, as well as access to large data sets. In addition, highly efficient neural networks were introduced and quickly gained popularity by large companies such as Google and Microsoft.

How Lightkey Uses Artificial Intelligence

When you compose your content, Lightkey’s text prediction engine analyzes its contextual relevance. This analysis is powered by Lightkey’s neural networks and their ability to detect complicated relationships across text fragments.

In this example here-above, Lightkey is able to identify ‘SpaceX’ as a word indicating that the context is aerospace engineering, ‘launch’ as the action taken, and ‘unmanned’ as a word relevant to aerial objects. Therefore, the relevant prediction would be ‘spacecraft’. The same analysis could be further applied to the next predictions such as “to” and “Mars”. This is just one example, but in practice Lightkey’s AI technology can identify meaningful relationships in many areas (or content domains).

How To Activate Lightkey’s Artificial Intelligence

Lightkey’s artificial intelligence feature is available and enabled by default in our premium editions Lightkey Professional and Lightkey for Business. This feature is not available in Lightkey’s free edition.

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