Predictive Text In Any Content Domain


Lightkey Supports Predictive Text In Any Content Domain

Lightkey’s prediction technology is built to provide meaningful writing suggestions when creating highly professional content in areas such as technology, business, finance, law, academia and more. Lightkey lets the user select from a list of over 60 content domains (categories) to speed up its algorithmic learning curve and suggest the most relevant professional terms. In addition, users can create custom prediction categories based on their own content. Choosing from Lightkey’s built-in prediction categories is supported in all editions, whereas creating custom categories is available only in our premium editions Lightkey Professional and Lightkey for Business.

Predictive Text In Highly Diversified Content

“call me back when you can”, “I’m sorry, but we’ll have to postpone our meeting”, etc. represent everyday messages that can be easily predicted using our mobile keyboard applications. We can group these messages under a single content domain – the “casual content” domain. However, when switching from the mobile platform to our PCs, the diversity of our content is much higher and can get very technical. In other words, the PC platform inhabits multiple content domains, introducing us text predictors with a new and exciting challenge.

Lightkey was designed from the ground up as a multi-domain predictive text solution. After a long R&D process we are proud of the results as our customers are coming from all across the content domains spectrum. Our approach facing this challenge is multi-layered, with the user-facing layer being a choice of “prediction categories“. Basically, the (only) thing we ask users upon completing the installation process is to choose their preferred prediction categories. Choosing these categories helps Lightkey’s algorithm in better understanding the user’s domains and therefore speed up its learning curve of the user.

How It Works

The way Lightkey deals with multi-domain prediction domains is fairly complex. Basically, Lightkey uses both its artificial intelligence capabilities and some other proprietary capabilities that we’ve developed over the years to analyze the user’s writing context in real-time. By understanding the user’s context, Lightkey can suggest the most relevant predictions and can even go further to suggest up to 12 words including punctuation marks.

How To Pick Your Prediction Categories

Once installed, Lightkey will prompt users to select their prediction categories. We recommend choosing categories that are strongly linked to the content you create. Don’t mix the content domains you write about with those you like to read about (e.g., your personal hobbies). For example, if you really like sports but don’t see yourself ever writing about it, then there’s no point in choosing sports-related categories. If you don’t find any relevant category for your content, you can create your own custom prediction categories using your content.

In terms of how many categories to choose, please note that choosing a large number of categories or all of them will extend the time period necessary for Lightkey to understand what categories you’re actually using. On the other hand, choosing little or no categories at all may also result in taking a longer period Lightkey’s prediction algorithm to adapt itself to your unique content domains. Choosing at least 3 categories will enable you to see the most trending topics in your personal Dashboard.

How To Create Custom Prediction Categories Using Your Content


This advanced feature lets you accelerate Lightkey’s ability to learn your typing habits and unique content domains. For example, if you practice a specific field of medicine that involves highly unique terms and phrases you can instantly import those into Lightkey’s prediction engine using a simple drag and drop operation and create your own custom content category. You’re welcome to see our step by step guide on creating custom categories.

Lightkey locally scans your content files and builds a new prediction category out of them. Once created, Lightkey will immediately start suggesting predictions based on the imported content.

How To Activate This Feature

Lightkey’s out-of-the-box prediction categories are prompted upon completion of the initial setup and can be accessed and modified at any time from Lightkey’s Control Center. This feature is supported in all Lightkey’s editions.

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