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Whether it’s a follow-up email, meeting summary, customer presentation or a legal document, your business moves faster with confidence.

can't see how I have managed to work without it

"Never gave predictive text a thought in my daily job. Most people in their jobs regardless of there industries, spend a lot of time drafting emails or creating documents and so forth. Since I started using Lightkey, can't see how I have managed to work without it. It has certainly made a world of difference when drafting emails and compiling documents. It is a fantastic tool."

Robin Thomas

Infrastructure Engineer, United Kingdom

Your Team’s Performance.

Taken Further

Lightkey’s AI-Powered word prediction technology learns your team’s typing patterns and gradually predicts up to 12 words including punctuation marks, allowing each team member to create content up to 4 times faster, with confidence.

Predictions Based On

Your Team's Terminology

Serverless, Offline and Completely Secure

Lightkey for Business was built as an on-premise and offline solution to meet the highest cyber-security standards. In addition, no dedicated resources are required in order to benefit from Lightkey’s functionality.

Create Trusted Content Based On Your Team’s Terminology

Lightkey for Business offers a collective wisdom prediction engine, capable of suggesting terms based on your team’s terminology. This feature comes on top of Lightkey’s personalized text prediction and spelling correction capabilities.

Fast And Simple Deployment Followed By 1-Minute Training

Lightkey for Business deployment is fully customizable and supports silent installation using SCCM or other remote deployment tools. After completing a 1-minute tutorial, the user will instantly get Lightkey’s predictions.

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Drive a Culture Of Excellence

Lightkey for Business utilizes the power of gamification, showing every team member their rank (anonymously) based on time gained, and incentivizing them to be more productive.

Your Team’s KPIs. Visualized

Unlock your team's key productivity metrics using Lightkey’s intuitive dashboard. Follow its progress over time and realize your ROI.

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