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6 Reasons To Become a

Channel Partner

Your Expertise. Our Solution.

One of the best ways your company can achieve more is to consider becoming a channel partner. We offer the world’s leading predictive text solution for the PC platform to meet the full spectrum of users in over 80 languages. Our program enables you to achieve countable benefits while sharpening your competitive edge, serving your customers better, quicker and with confidence.

6 Reasons to Become a Channel Partner

#1 – Just like you, Lightkey stays ahead of the curve

Lightkey is the world's leading predictive text software for Windows, delivering powerful text prediction experience for any kind of content, ranging from causal conversational through academic to highly professional/technical. Lightkey is committed to best practices, allowing simple installation, quick implementation and absolute privacy as it never submits any of the user’s content to the cloud.

#2 – Be a leader – predictive text is one of the hottest trends for 2020

Content creation and text-based tasks are being disrupted by artificial intelligence changing the way we interact with computers. We’re quickly approaching the day where physical keyboards will have to include predictive capabilities, just as we already have on our mobile devices. Lightkey offers a unique opportunity to become an active participant in shaping this trend.

#3 – Expand your reach – Lightkey makes it easy to create new opportunities

Supporting over 80 languages, Lightkey’s customer base is highly diverse as it compliments all sorts of typists, ranging from the assistive technology dependent typists, through the casual average typist to the extremely fast professional typists. In addition, Lightkey’s line of products includes various solutions that fit the full client range, starting from individuals, small or home office and through to corporates.  Lightkey is already serving clients in a variety of market segments, including professional services, legal services, content and language services, education, assistive technology and more.

#4 – We are fully committed to your success

Our approach to business partnerships is built on trust, integrity and transparency. As a partner, you will play a key role in designing, planning and eventually achieving our mutual business goals. We strongly believe that building a successful partnership requires mutual investment and commitment, and therefore equip our partners with comprehensive resources and hand-on support to successfully achieve their goals.

#5 – Focus on the bottom line – increase margin and profitability

Keep it simple – increase your bottom line by leveraging our progressed revenue sharing model, offering higher margins on large volumes.

#6 – Bundle with us – Lightkey is the perfect addition to your set of tools

Being a one-of-a-kind predictive text solution, Lightkey bundles perfectly with other text-related solutions to create the ultimate content creation package. For example, our customers often combine Lightkey with grammar and proofing solutions - Lightkey looks forward and predicts text to enable faster content creation, while the grammar tool looks backwards on that content and suggest improvements. In addition, thanks to its ability to display clear statistics on productivity improvement, Lightkey would be a great bundle partner with any other productivity tool.


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