Multi-Word Prediction


What is Lightkey’s Multi-Word Prediction Technology

The Multi-Word prediction feature enables Lightkey to offer up to 12 words including punctuation marks in a single prediction. It is based on detecting long repetitive word sequences in a certain context. This feature is available and enabled by default in our premium editions Lightkey Professional and Lightkey for Business.

Gaining More Time For Creative Work

Composing innovative and creative content is exciting and fun. However, in practice we sometimes find ourselves using repetitive content in our everyday work. For example, when replying to customers, we may start all our replies with a welcoming sentence such as “thanks for reaching out and for your interest in our product”.

The same applies when using some professional terms relevant to our line of work, and so on. Therefore, in order to make room for true creative work, Lightkey helps you accomplish your mundane writing tasks faster simply by suggesting multi-word predictions.

How Lightkey's Multi-Word Technology Works

Lightkey locally learns your personal typing patterns. Locally means that no internet connection is required and no content is ever submitted to the cloud. Over time, Lightkey recognizes contexts in which your content tends to be both long and repetitive. In these contexts, Lightkey will be confident enough to offer multi-word predictions where the maximum limit is 12 words (including punctuation marks).

If you want to play with it, simply open a new email or Word document and start typing the previously presented sentence Thanks for reaching out and for your interest in Lightkey. Type this sentence (including the ending period), hit Enter to start a new line and then start typing the same sentence again. After the second time you’ll see complete word predictions and after about five times, Lightkey will feel confident enough to offer the entire sentence after typing the first few characters. Note that Lightkey will also offer the ending period punctuation mark. In practice, Lightkey has much more internal measures that guide its prediction algorithm when it calculates multi-word prediction possibilities.

How To Activate Multi-Word Prediction

Multi-Word prediction is available and enabled by default in our premium editions Lightkey Professional and Lightkey for Business. This feature is not available in Lightkey’s free edition.

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