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11 Benefits of Typing Prediction Software

What is one benefit of using a typing prediction software for your writing?

To help you fully tap the benefits of typing prediction software, we asked content writers, CEOs and business leaders this question for their best insights. From catching grammar errors quickly to helping adapt the writing to your personal style, there are several benefits you could get from using typing prediction software tools to make your writing faster, cleaner and better in overall quality.

Here are 11 benefits these leaders get from using typing prediction software:

  • Catch Grammar Errors Quickly

  • Write More Efficiently

  • Better Accessibility for People With Disabilities

  • Adds Credibility to the Writing

  • Provides an Indirect Way of Language Learning

  • Quickens the Pace of Your Writing

  • Helps Standardize and Remove Bias from Your Writing

  • Helps Bring Up New Ideas Sometimes

  • Reduces Motor Fatigue

  • Work Faster in All MS Office Suites and Some Browsers

  • Helps Adapt the Writing to Your Personal Style

Catch Grammar Errors Quickly

This tool can help significantly with reducing your editing time, particularly in terms of grammar. For instance, it can automatically assist you with spelling words correctly so that you do not have to manually go back through an entire document to catch these misspellings. This will make you feel much less exhausted overall, as editing for grammar can become very tedious.

Nick Shackelford, Structured Agency

Write More Efficiently

Using typing prediction software can help you write more efficiently. Because this software predicts the most common words and phrases that you use based on the first few letters that you type, you can save time by not having to type out the entire word or phrase. Although the predictions are not always fitting, more often than not, the software will provide you with the word or phrase you were looking for.

Matthew Ramirez, Paraphrase Tool

Better Accessibility for People With Disabilities

Typing prediction software helps People with Disabilities by allowing them to communicate quickly while typing fewer words. Whether integrating sound assistance technology or predictive AI for fewer physical movements, this software makes written communications more accessible to everyone. Some software even allows for setting customization to boost accuracy for the sake of fewer keystrokes - for many people with physical disabilities, every incorrect prediction significantly lowers the UX’s quality. For People with Disabilities that cannot effectively communicate without predictive text, this software opens up a whole new world, the digital world, for them.

John Li, Fig Loans

Adds Credibility to the Writing

Typing prediction software will help to ensure that your grammar and spelling are correct, particularly useful if the language you are writing in is not your first language or if you suffer from dyslexia. For those writing in a non-native language, typing prediction can be used as a tool to help them to learn and remember the language they are using more effectively. Correct spelling and grammar will add credibility to your writing and help your readers to clearly understand what has been written. Without this credibility, you risk the readers misunderstanding the message you are trying to convey or losing interest and disregarding your work.

Morgan Taylor, Sourcery

Provides an Indirect Way of Language Learning

Using typing prediction software can be really useful for students of a foreign language. This kind of software will naturally help language learners to discern correct grammar and syntax patterns, and help their overall written skills in a new language. When used as an additional source in this way, rather than a primary tool of learning, it can be a smart way to get extra writing practice in a language you're studying.

Anthony Martin, Choice Mutual

Quickens the Pace of Your Writing

As a CEO, writing is a daily task for me. I write emails and strategy proposals every day and using a typing prediction software, especially one that you can integrate with emails and other apps, slash the time I have to spend typing words and sentences by a considerable fraction. Time is of utmost importance to any person in the leadership team, and if there's a way to save time and have that time spent better on more important business matters, everyone will take the opportunity. Using a typing prediction software is time-saving for another reason that I spend less time checking for spelling and grammar errors. It's convenient and a must-tool for someone whose work involves writing.

Jeffrey Zhou, Fig Loans

Helps Standardize and Remove Bias from Your Writing

One of the best reasons to use a typing prediction software is to standardize and remove bias from your digital communications. It can be difficult to convey the right tone in an email. If you're using a word prediction program to write emails, you can standardize your communication method, so it's consistent for all parties, making your emails take less time, and resulting in fewer hurt feelings. Even more important is removing bias from your emails, so you don't accidentally hurt someone's feelings or make them feel self-conscious about themselves. These days, even implicit bias can change how we write to coworkers or even friends, creating offensive situations and hurt feelings. By removing the chance of bias and offering a standardized experience, you can maintain compliance and stay in the good graces of those around you.

Kyle Risley, Lift Vault

Helps Bring Up New Ideas Sometimes

The one thing that typing prediction software does unintentionally is to give you new ideas every time you begin typing a line. While the motive of these software programs is clear — to finish your sentences in better ways and quicken the pace of your writing — there are times when the suggestions do a lot more than just that. This happens when the words your software predicts go in a different direction, a direction you probably did not intend to explore in the first place. Even when you do not accept these suggestions, knowing that the idea does not really fit your goals, the suggestion does leave you with added insight and gets your mind working on alternate possibilities.

Mary Jurgensen, Gary and Mary West PACE

Reduces Motor Fatigue

One crucial benefit of using typing prediction software is decreased motor fatigue. With predictive software, fewer keystrokes are part of the composition process, saving time and energy when writing. With less to type, there is more time to focus on content, and less on fluency so much. For individuals with physical disabilities that hinder typing, predictive software gives them a massive speed and endurance boost too.

Sasha Ramani, MPOWER Financing

Work Faster in All MS Office Suites and Some Browsers

Utilizing Lightkey has the benefit of being effortlessly integrated into PowerPoint, Word, and Outlook from Microsoft Office. It adds itself as a "add-in" or plug-in in the background by following the guidelines set by Microsoft for creating office extensions. A seamless and responsive experience with prediction is ensured by working as an add-in. Predictive text is supported by its browser plugin for Chrome and Edge on millions of websites, including Gmail, Facebook, LinkedIn, WhatsApp Web, Slack, and more. All versions of Microsoft Office 2010 onwards and Office 365 are supported. It also functions with the most recent Chrome and Edge versions.

Lightkey executes its learning in a way that is both application-sensitive and global because we frequently communicate with friends and coworkers using multiple apps. It would recommend the project name and other pertinent facts if we had a conversation on WhatsApp Web about a particular project and then wrote a follow-up email about it.

Maneesh Sharma, Donorbox

Helps Adapt the Writing to Your Personal Style is a prediction software for windows. The best thing about it, which I liked, is that it locally learns your writing style and adapts it. You need not struggle in changing the style and context every time you write. Real-time corrections will be made only according to the style you write. If the light key gives suggestions, you can just accept it by a hit button or else you can ignore it if you think it doesn’t suit you. Even with that, the tool will learn about the personality of your writing and take the word that you ignore in the feedback and will use it to help in the next suggestions. Ultimately, Lightkey will calibrate itself to better fit your voice and tone.

Scott Krager, WODReview


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