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7 reasons to download Lightkey’s free text prediction software today

Lightkey is a text prediction software for Windows that offers inline text predictions and real-time corrections, providing a powerful and confident writing experience that will take your typing to the next level. In August 2021, we launched Lightkey Free edition, providing all of Lightkey’s prediction power for free with no compromise on privacy. The Free edition helps you save up to 1,000 keystrokes per month for life just like that, or up to 4,000 keystrokes per month for life by inviting your friends to use Lightkey.

Lightkey Free edition can be downloaded here.

Here are 7 reasons to download Lightkey Free edition today!

#1 – Get the most powerful AI-powered writing experience – for free!

Once Lightkey Free edition is installed, simply open Word, Outlook, PowerPoint or any web application using either Chrome or Edge web browsers and Lightkey’s text predictions will immediately appear inline with your text. As Lightkey learns your content and typing style over time, it can predict up to 12 words including punctuation marks. Lightkey also features a whole new experience to correct spelling and grammar mistakes. Instead of the traditional way of writing a word or phrase, then getting a red marker, going back and fixing it – Lightkey will suggest spelling and grammar corrections in real-time, eliminating the back-and-forth process, thus preserving your line of thought while providing you with a confident forward-facing writing experience.

#2 – Whatever Lightkey learns on your machine, stays there

Lightkey will never submit your content to the cloud. Once Lightkey is installed, you’re more than welcome to disconnect from the internet and focus on your content creation. Go offline and focus on your message, Lightkey will be there with you. In addition, Lightkey is trusted by fortune 500 companies and by users in over 160 countries worldwide.

#3 – Integrated in all MS Office editions (2010 onwards), Chrome & Edge

Lightkey is seamlessly integrated into Microsoft Office applications – Word, Outlook and PowerPoint. Behind the scenes, Lightkey adds itself as an “add-in” (or plug-in) using Microsoft’s best practices required to create office extensions. Working as an add-in ensures a smooth and responsive prediction experience. Lightkey’s browser extension for Chrome and Edge natively supports predictive text in millions of websites such as – Gmail, Facebook, LinkedIn, WhatsApp Web, Slack and more. Lightkey supports Microsoft Office 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019, Office 365. In addition, Lightkey works on the latest versions of Chrome and Edge.

As we tend to exchange messages with our friends and colleagues using multiple apps, Lightkey performs its learning in a way that is both application-sensitive and global. For example, if we exchanged some text messages on WhatsApp Web about a certain project, and then wrote a follow-up email about it, Lightkey may suggest the project name and other relevant details as they were already learnt during the WhatsApp conversation.

#4 – Lightkey adapts itself to your writing style

Lightkey locally learns your typing style in every application and for each context. Over time, as Lightkey builds its confidence and get a deeper understanding of your writing style, it will start offering longer predictions and smarter real-time corrections. All you need to do to accept Lightkey's predictions is hit the Tab key. If you don’t like a specific suggestion, just ignore it, and Lightkey will take that feedback into account when suggesting next. Both ignoring and accepting Lightkey’s predictions helps it calibrate itself better to fit your voice and tone.

#5 – Lightkey can work for you even if you’re looking at the keyboard while typing

It’s rather obvious to assume that users who focus on the keyboard while typing are likely to miss Lightkey’s suggestions displayed on their screens. The idea with Lightkey’s Sound Assistance feature is to expand Lightkey's means of communication with you by bringing your hearing sense into play; an extremely subtle sound notification will provide a gentle ‘tap on the shoulder’ essentially letting you know there’s a high-impact time & energy-saving suggestion you may want to consider. As your confidence grows working with Lightkey, we anticipate that the sound cue will trigger a reflex-like Tab hit response, potentially even skipping the screen verification step.

#6 – Solve math expressions by typing ‘=’

We’re all aware of the general differentiation between word processors designed for creating textual content and spreadsheet tools designed for various mathematical functionalities and calculations. However, we all sometimes mix between them, when necessary, i.e., type mathematical expressions in text editors or include textual content in spreadsheets. One of the neater (and somewhat hidden) features in Lightkey is its ability to offer predictions for mathematical calculations. In other words, similar to the spreadsheet functionality that enables auto-calculation of certain inputs, Lightkey is able to identify basic mathematical expressions and offer the calculated result, presented as a prediction relieving you from the need to use a different application or the good old calculator to verify the equation.

#7 – You can trigger Lightkey in any application using Lightkey Anywhere

In some cases, you may want to benefit from Lightkey in other desktop applications beyond Microsoft Office, Chrome or Edge. For example, if you have a local chat software installed (Skype or Teams) and you want to enjoy Lightkey’s predictive typing capabilities in that software there is a solution for you – Lightkey Anywhere. In order to use Lightkey Anywhere, first make sure it is activated by opening Lightkey’s Control Center, going to the Preferences tab, navigating to “Applications” and check the “Enable Lightkey Anywhere technology” option.

Now, using the Alt key + mouse click combination in any editable text field will trigger opening a flexible transparent window wherein Lightkey's suggestions natively show as you type. Once typing is complete, simply hit Enter and your text will show up in the target destination text field.

Bonus tip - invite your friends and get even more out of Lightkey

The more you use Lightkey, the more keystrokes you are going to save - which at some point may take you beyond the basic 1,000 keystrokes monthly quota. If this is the case and you still want to enjoy Lightkey for free – you can use our invitation program and top up your monthly quota up to 4,000 keystrokes, for life!

In order to invite your friends to Lightkey simply open Lightkey's Control Center (click on Windows start button, type Lightkey Control Center and open the application, or click on Lightkey's tray icon). Once opened, click on the “Get more monthly keystrokes” button at the top right corner and follow the simple instructions. Please note that you need to provide your name and email address so your friends will know who invited them, as well as your friend’s email address. All information provided is safe with us and we will never spam you.

Download Lightkey free edition today!

Lightkey’s new Free edition features AI-powered text predictions and real-time corrections in Microsoft Office, Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge web browsers. The new Free edition helps you save up to 1,000 keystrokes per month for life just like that, or up to 4,000 keystrokes per month by inviting your friends to use Lightkey.

Lightkey Free edition is now available from our free edition download page.


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