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9 Ways To Create a Good Customer Experience Strategy

How can you develop a customer experience strategy?

To help businesses create a good customer experience strategy, we asked CEOs and business leaders this question for their best advice. From getting to know your customers to using the right social media channels, there are several tips that may help your business develop an exceptional customer experience strategy.

Here are nine ways to create a good customer experience strategy:

  • Listen to Customer’s Personal Needs

  • Meeting One-on-One

  • Add Fun into the Experience

  • Getting to Know Customers

  • Consider Your Technology Stack

  • Tailor to Specific Customers

  • Use the Right Social Media Channels

  • Build an Emotional Connection

  • Share Your Story to the Audience

Listen to Customer’s Personal Needs

Your customer strategy should be based on your customer’s needs. By listening to our patients during consultations, regular visits and any other patient encounters, we can make the right decision with our patient’s best interest in mind. We also give full oral exams and complete a patient assessment, and answer any questions our patients might have. Seeing is believing! We also provide samples of other patient restorations. These strategies help to build a trusting long-term relationship for patients who return time and time again.

Henry Babichenko, Eurodenture

Ways To Create a Good Customer Experience Strategy

Meeting One-on-One

Customer experience is important and as a staffing agency, this is why we take a more hands-on approach with every client and every search. With this strategy or approach, we start by finding out what our client’s recruiting challenges are to then develop appropriate solutions and results. As part of the process we collaborate with our extensive professional networks and meet every candidate face-to-face. We also utilize cutting edge candidate assessment tools for exceptional service.

Ryan Nouis, TruPath

Add Fun into the Experience

We worked long and hard on our customer experience strategy. Teaching cyber security can be a bore and not a topic that’s typically fun to learn. We changed that all together by making it enjoyable and truly unforgettable deploying gamification techniques. Curricula’s fun eLearning LMS platform uses behavioral science techniques, like storytelling, to fundamentally transform your employee online training program.

Nick Santora, Curricula

Ways To Create a Good Customer Experience Strategy

Getting to Know Customers

At the Print Authority we develop our customer experience strategy around the uniqueness of each customer and their business. When it comes to printing services, there is no one solution or strategy that can be applied to meet every business’s needs. Our lead forms help capture and organize each prospective customer’s needs so that we can use our time to connect, talk through those needs, and build long-term relationships. From printing fulfillment and custom printing to graphic design, we make our customer experience unique through our customized offerings. We keep it simple by getting to know you and your work.

Eric Blumenthal, The Print Authority

Consider Your Technology Stack

Technology is a key enabler for a customer experience strategy. Businesses today rely on technology to better understand customers’ needs, provide faster solutions, enable better engagement, and be effective in both sales and support. Process Intelligence and AI-enabled analytics are also necessary for a successful customer experience strategy. With these tools, businesses map their customer journey, decode their behavior, identify bottlenecks, make valuable predictions and increase ROI.

Spiros Skolarikis, Comidor

Ways To Create a Good Customer Experience Strategy

Tailor to Specific Customers

At Markitors, we strive to keep our customer experience strategy revolving around what is best for the customer and their goals. That can mean different experiences for each customer, but ultimately, we want to find ways to make sure we’re on track with our deliverables, give transparent and timely communication, while adding value and excitement, so things don’t get stale or boring. This could mean a better way to track progress, show deliverables and reports, or just follow up with some wins or improvements in their marketing. Focus more on what your customer’s care about, because they should be at the forefront of your customer experience strategy.

McKenzie Nelson, Markitors

Use the Right Social Media Channels

Develop your strategy around where your audience is. Younger generations, especially our target audience Gen Z, are always on social media platforms like TikTok and VSCO because social media plays a huge role in how people feel about themselves. That’s why it is important to us to create a brand that doesn’t focus on perfection or unattainable beauty standards. We want to transform the way people feel about skin and we do that on social media by showcasing people with visible skin conditions living life in full color.

Olamide Olowe, Topicals

Ways To Create a Good Customer Experience Strategy

Build an Emotional Connection

Developing a customer experience strategy begins with creating a customer-centric customer experience vision, and sharing this with the rest of the team. This way, they have a clear goal to work towards. Secondly, create an exhaustive customer profile so that you and your team develop an intricate understanding of who your customers are. Thirdly, work towards establishing an emotional connection with your customers by showing that you listen, that you care, and that you empathise with them. Develop a mechanism for capturing customer feedback in real time, and lastly, train your team on how to enhance customer experience in every scenario. Be sure to measure the ROI from customer experience approaches taken so as to improve and streamline your strategy.

Joe Flanagan, VelvetJobs

Share Your Story to the Audience

Build a strong front end lead magnet. At our company, we understand people need help. With this in mind, we crafted our simple story of why we want to help them and made them a simple, low-cost offer as to why they should allow us to help them. Building a mechanism to acquire customers for little or no cost is the deciding factor whether a new business makes it or not. The majority focus should go into building that mechanism as opposed to running yourself thin, trying to create large amounts of content.

Dr. Blake Livinggood, Dr. Livinggood

Ways To Create a Good Customer Experience Strategy

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