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Backup / Restore Your Personal Prediction Data and Migrate Your License


A PC cleanup or a machine upgrade are a common practice as part of our IT life cycle. Some of these scenarios may involve removing and re-installing programs.

This guide was designed to serve as a best practice guide for performing a successful removal of Lightkey, including a backup/restore of all personal prediction data.

Migrating your license (relevant to Lightkey Professional Edition)

Once you purchase a license, it is designated to work on a single machine. In other words, you need to purchase a license for each PC you have and you cannot activate the same license on multiple PCs. However, it is possible to migrate your license from one machine to another using the following simple steps:

  1. Make sure you have a working internet connection.

  2. (Optional) Backup your prediction profile (using the guide below)

  3. Uninstall Lightkey from the activated machine

  4. Install Lightkey on the new machine.

  5. (Optional) Restore your prediction profile (using guide below)

  6. Activate your license on the new machine.

Backup your personal prediction data

In case of upgrading/replacing or formatting your machine, we highly recommend migrating your personal prediction data to the new/formatted machine. In order to do so, open the ‘Settings’ tab in Lightkey's Control Center and scroll down to “Data Operations”.

Click on the 'Backup' button and save your prediction data file to a network location / external storage.

Uninstall Lightkey

Once you have successfully saved your personal prediction data using Lightkey’s backup feature, we recommend uninstalling Lightkey using Windows’ “traditional” method – the interactive setup interface.

In order to remove Lightkey using Windows' interactive setup interface, open Windows Start menu and go to “Add or remove programs”, identify Lightkey in the list of installed programs and press Uninstall Lightkey:

Restore your personal prediction data

Once Lightkey is re-installed on the new / formatted machine, open the ‘Settings’ tab in Lightkey's Control Center, scroll down to “Data Operations”, click on the 'Restore' button, browse to the location where you previously saved your backup file and select it.

** Please note, you will be prompted to restart Lightkey's Control Center for the Restore operation to be completed.

Any questions / need help?

If you need any further assistance please contact our team for support.


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