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How to get predictive text in Microsoft Edge

The latest version of Lightkey supports predictive text in millions of websites using Microsoft Edge. Here is how you can get it:

Step 1 - Download and install Lightkey

Download Lightkey's latest edition from our download page and wait for the downloader to complete

Once the download process has completed, start the installation process by clicking on "Install"

Step 2 - Getting Lightkey's extension on your Edge browser

After Lightkey will complete its installation process you will be prompted with the following screen. Click on "Add Lightkey's Edge extension"

If you didn't get this screen, just open your Edge browser and go to Lightkey's extension page

* Optional Step *

If you haven't used Chrome web store on your Edge browser before, you will be prompted with the following screen. Click on "Allow extensions from other stores" in order to allow Lightkey's extension to be installed from the Chrome web store.

The, click on "Add to Chrome". Although the button says "Add to Chrome", in practice, it will add Lightkey's extension to your edge browser.

Confirm your selection by clicking on "Add extension"

Refresh your open browser tabs in Edge and you're all set!

Step 3 - Write smarter using text predictions in Microsoft Edge

Enjoy text predictions and real-time corrections while writing emails, chatting, posting on social media and more.

Happy Lightkeying!

Frequently asked questions

Does Lightkey support all versions of Edge?

If you have an updated version of Microsoft Edge - yes! Otherwise, Lightkey supports Microsoft Edge 79 onwards which was released on January 2020.

Can Lightkey work both with Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge

Yes! Similar to this guide, you can just open your Chrome browser and go to Lightkey's extension page and add Lightkey's extension. In either case, you must have Lightkey's software installed on your machine in order for the extension to work.

Can Lightkey work with other web browsers such as Firefox / Opera?

Not at the moment.

Lightkey Pro latest edition features a new browser extension that supports both Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome. This post explains how to install Lightkey and setup Lightkey's browser extension for Microsoft Edge in order to benefit from text predictions and real-time corrections in millions of websites.

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