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How to Type Faster On Smartphones

From learning the full QWERTY layout to using the split keyboard feature, here are 11 answers to the question, "Give your best tip for increasing your typing speed when using a smartphone?"

  • Learn the Full QWERTY Layout

  • Try the One-handed-keyboard Option

  • Turn Your Phone Horizontally

  • Leverage Add-ons Features

  • Use Autocorrect and Auto-suggest On Your Phone

  • Type With Two Thumbs

  • Use the Swipe-to-type Feature

  • Add Text Shortcuts

  • Install a Typing Game to Advance Your Skills

  • Use Voice to Text

  • Use the Split Keyboard Feature

Learn the Full QWERTY Layout

A lot of people who learn to touch type just learn the home row keys, but don't build out their knowledge to the full QWERTY layout. By learning the entire layout, you can develop your typing speed. This is because you're thinking less about the keys you're pressing and more about the words you're typing. For example, if you're typing a word with a "te" and a "w," you can usually jump between the two keys without having to think about it. This will save you time and energy, and you'll be able to increase your typing speed.

Try the One-handed-keyboard Option

Though some people have become equally accurate and fast with both their left and right thumbs, there are those who would prefer their keyboard to be positioned for one-handed use, and the iPhone provides that option. As screens become larger, it is difficult for some people with smaller hands to access the entire keyboard with a centered position, slowing down the typing process. However, the iPhone offers a solution through its One-Handed Keyboard option.

By pressing and holding the world bar on the bottom left-hand side of the display, you will be given the option of having the keyboard angled more to the left or the right. This option makes it easier to access the entire keyboard, allowing you to type with speed and efficiency with one hand.

Turn Your Phone Horizontally

The QWERTY keyboard layout, as previously indicated, is ideal for the expansive space available on a modern personal computer. To take advantage of the layout, all you have to do is turn your phone on its side. In landscape mode, the phone's keypad expands so that two thumbs can be used to type.

This approach, though, could feel strange to you. To give one example, the signal strength of your phone may decrease if your hands cover the internal antenna. During your normal workout or other physical activities, you may not be able to complete the task. There's also the fact that the first time you use this method, you may feel silly.

Kenny Kline, President and Financial Lead, BarBend

Leverage Add-ons Features

The best tip I have for increasing your typing speed is to familiarize yourself with the automated features of your phone's keyboard.

If you're using an Android device, there are two main ways to do this: by enabling SwiftKey or Google Keyboard. Both of these options will allow you to type without lifting your fingers from the screen, which will allow you to type faster.

If you're using iOS, there are built-in features that you can use, such as QuickType and TextExpander. These will allow you to type faster by shortening the length of your words and phrases. So if you're familiar with how they work, they'll help train your brain to become more efficient at typing without looking down.

Use Autocorrect and Auto-suggest On Our Phone

The best way to boost our typing speed on smartphones is by turning on autocorrect and auto-suggest. When we type, the autocorrect fixes misspelled words automatically, so no time is spent correcting them, and helps keep typing pace steady. Meanwhile, auto-suggest gives suggestions of words based on what has been typed, allowing a quicker selection of words, especially for longer or more complex ones. These features reduce the time and effort spent on correcting mistakes and typing out words. Thus, typing on our smartphone can be completed more efficiently at a faster and more steady pace.

Type With Two Thumbs

Research conducted by Aalto University found that typing with two thumbs is the quickest way to type faster on your smartphone. And this makes sense. Moving your thumb a shorter distance saves time.

For instance, let's say you're typing the letters A and N. If you're typing with one hand, you'll click on A and have to move your thumb all the way across the keyboard to select N. But if you click A with your left thumb and N with your right thumb, it's much faster. You can prepare your right thumb for action while selecting A.

To Use the Swipe-to-type Feature

My best tip for increasing your typing speed when using a smartphone is to use the swipe-to-type feature if your device has it. This lets you quickly type words by sliding your finger from letter to letter, rather than having to tap out each word individually. It takes some practice, but once you get used to it, it can speed up your typing. Alternatively, if you don't have the swipe-to-type feature on your device, try using a keyboard app or accessory to make it easier and faster to type on your phone.

Add Text Shortcuts

As someone who increased their typing speed by 50%, I can confidently declare that the best way to increase your typing speed is to add text shortcuts. This method was utterly transformative for me; it provided me with a fast, accurate, and convenient way to type out lengthy sentences.

Text shortcuts are simply abbreviations that represent full phrases or words and can be easily customized based on what works best for you. For example, instead of repeatedly inputting the phrase "see you later," I could use the shortcut "cyl." With some practice, incorporating this simple yet effective method into my regular workflow really paid off-I was able to significantly reduce my typing time!

Ludovic Chung-Sao, Lead Engineer and Founder, Zen Soundproof

Install a Typing Game to Advance Your Skills

While using a smartphone, you can easily increase your typing speed. You just have to install games that require high typing speeds. Playing these games daily helps you to quickly learn the positions of the letters and increases your speed. Games such as "Typing Masters" and "Typing Attack" are very helpful.

Jeff Tse, Co-founder, CrazeCosplay

Use Voce to Text

Although it may seem like cheating, this is a useful tactic to remember. You can use the voice typing feature integrated into your smartphone instead of manually typing everything out on your keyboard. Your spoken words will be translated into text just as if you had typed them.

Since speech recognition software isn't perfect, I suggest you speak as clearly as possible. A microphone icon can be found on the standard Android and iPhone keyboards. When you speak what you want to type into the keyboard's microphone, the keyboard will translate your words into text and fill in the blanks for you. Some programs may have built-in microphone buttons that can be used for voice searches and other tasks.

Adam Crossling, Head of Marketing, Zenzero

Use the Split Keyboard Feature

A great tip for increasing your typing speed when using a smartphone is to use the split keyboard feature. By splitting the keyboard into two sections, it allows you to type with both thumbs simultaneously, which can help you type much faster. This layout can make it easier for those with large hands who may find it difficult to hit single keys at the edges of the keyboards. Using this feature can not only make typing much swifter, but it can also provide improved accuracy since your fingers are better able to accurately hit each key.


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