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Import Content - Personalize Your Prediction Experience

With Lightkey’s latest edition you can now import your own content and create your own customized categories. Lightkey’s prediction engine will incorporate these categories' content to deliver a highly personalized prediction experience right from day 1.

The following is a step-by-step 'how to' guide to create new content categories.

Step 1 - Choose Files/Folders to Import

We added a new tab in Lightkey's Control Center, under Prediction Profile, called ‘Create Category’:

Simply drag & drop files or folders onto the screen to trigger an initial scan.

** Possible error messages:

This error message might pop up if you try to import an unsupported/disabled file type or if the file is still open on your machine.

Advanced Settings Menu

Under the Advanced Settings tab you can customize the file types you would like to import (e.g. importing only Word documents from a certain folder consisting of other supported file types):

You can also configure additional parameters regarding the imported content.

Step 2 - Import Process

Lightkey scans the files you chose. This process should take a few seconds. Once completed, you’ll see the scan results followed by a prompt to select your preferred import profile.

Profile types

  • Vocabulary profile – imports only identified words.

  • Trending profile (recommended) – imports both words and identified phrases.

  • Comprehensive profile – imports every bit of data.

First, choose a name for your new category:

Next, choose your import profile:

Next, click on ‘Import as a New Category’ to transform the content (file or folder) into a Lightkey category:

** Possible error messages:

This error message might show up when selecting the 'Trending' profile whereas the content itself does not fit the criteria (e.g. no phrases were identified).

Step 3 - New Category Created

Once the import is completed successfully, your Personal Profile dialogue will open automatically and show the newly created category as a tile under ‘Custom Categories’:

** Important note

Make sure your newly created category is selected (tile is highlighted along with the numbering shown in brackets in the left pane next to ‘Custom Categories’).

Step 4 - Share Categories to Enrich your Network's Collective Wisdom

Lightkey for Business users only

In order to share a category with your network, select it and right-click to open the drop-down dialogue and press on ‘Share category with my network’:

Next, the selected category will be displayed under the ‘Shared Categories’ section with its new group icon:

You can stop sharing the category by right-clicking it:

That's it :)



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