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Introducing Lightkey Anywhere – Lightkey in Any Desktop Application

By far Lightkey’s biggest challenge to-date is finally solved, as Lightkey’s predictions and spelling corrections are now available in any text field and any desktop application.

Background – the challenge mechanics

We all got used to consume content anywhere, with mobile devices serving as an extension of both our physical and virtual devices and locations. As far as predictive typing is concerned, we got used to constantly seeing predictions on our mobiles, regardless of the app we’re using. Being a common standard for mobile devices, when thinking about predictive text in non-mobile devices most of us would most probably expect a similar experience. Why not?!

Eventually, it all comes down to the basic PC architecture. Unlike mobile phones that allow installing generic keyboard applications used for any interaction with the device, PC’s are simply built differently and do not allow such functionality through the keyboard.

The immediate implication for us as predictive typing software developers is that in order for Lightkey to operate natively inside a program, we need to be able to deeply integrate it into the program. For example, with MS Office Word, Outlook and PowerPoint, Lightkey works as an add-in thanks to a dedicated integration mechanism designed by Microsoft for 3rd party developers.

Unfortunately, most PC applications do not offer this kind of integration mechanism and unless specifically designed for, they normally prohibit native interaction with 3rd party applications.

Solving the puzzle – out of the box

With wide native predictive typing experience off the table, the only option remains a stand-alone solution; one that can be flexible enough to deliver nearest-to-native inline prediction experience regardless of the type of program or text field you’re currently looking to fill with content.

In other words, such a solution should be relevant anywhere. From posting on social networks, writing product reviews to using chat applications and dedicated platforms like CRM, CMS, ERP etc.

After a long R&D process which included exploring new technological territories and practicing new disciplines, the long-anticipated breakthrough was finally achieved. Lightkey Anywhere is born!

Just call it, and it’s there.

Using the Alt key + mouse click combination in any editable text field will summon a flexible window wherein Lightkey's suggestions natively show as you type. Once typing is completed, simply hit Enter and your text shows up in the chosen destination field.

Moreover, Lightkey Anywhere remembers your favorite applications and will auto-activate itself when used in same text fields. In other words, when using a chat window for example, you only need to summon it once, and thereafter it will be there automatically, relieving you from the need to trigger it with the Alt + mouse click combination.

It’s also possible to edit existing text – pressing Alt + Shift + mouse Click inside an existing paragraph will enter a new row wherein you can add your text.

‘Lightkey Anywhere’ is included in our latest edition – Lightkey Professional version 17.22. Earlier editions included Anywhere with a different functionality and triggering mechanism. In addition, our latest edition includes numerous improvements to the prediction engine, performance and UX/UI.

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Nov 12, 2019

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