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Lightkey Expands to Chrome and Reveals Live Spelling Correction & Prediction

Only 3 months since their last release, the folks at Lightkey announce a giant leap in predictive text technology, introducing support for Chrome as well as a unique LIVE Spelling Correction & Prediction feature.

Lightkey for Chrome

Lightkey 7 includes a Chrome extension that expands Lightkey’s predictive text capabilities to Gmail, WhatsApp Web, Yahoo! Mail, and Outlook Mail (in addition to their continuous support for MS Office 2010-2016 versions).

LIVE Spelling Correction & Prediction

This brand new powerful tool included in Lightkey 7 eliminates the hefty and sometimes costly price of typos, as it offers on-the-go text prediction even for those misspelled words.

Lightkey’s Prediction Algorithm

The core prediction algorithm introduced in Lightkey 7 includes major improvements demonstrating unprecedented levels of accuracy. In addition, it enables the user to choose their suggestion experience to be more accurate – offering only highly probable predictions – or more interactive – potentially maximizing productivity by minimizing the number of keystrokes.


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