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Lightkey’s Enhanced Browser Integration delivers a new prediction experience!

Lightkey’s latest release brings a major upgrade to its Chrome and Edge browser extensions, featuring a new browser integration technology that provides a smooth predictive typing experience. The “Enhanced Browser Integration” feature works purely offline (as Lightkey does in general) and is able to provide text predictions, spelling corrections, smart punctuation insertions (and much more) to millions of supported applications without requiring clipboard access. In order to benefit from this feature, please make sure to run the latest version of Lightkey (v32 onwards) as well as its browser extension (v3.1.1 onwards).

Why use this feature?

Given the complexity of popular websites and their constant changes in behavior, Lightkey’s previous integration technology was application dependent, and in some cases relied on the clipboard to append the accepted prediction to the active application.

The new version of Lightkey unlocks the full potential of Lightkey without requiring clipboard access, as it will suggest both multi-word predictions as well as spelling corrections in millions of applications. In addition, this new technology automatically omits redundant spaces between accepted predictions and punctuations, providing the user a streamlined writing experience.

How to enable “Enhanced Integration Technology”

First, it should be noted that this option is turned on by default. Therefore, in case you are not experiencing it, you may need to enable it manually. In order to enable Lightkey’s “Enhanced Integration Technology”, click on Lightkey’s tray icon and launch the “Control Center”. Then, navigate to the “Preferences” TAB, and under “Applications” make sure that the “Enable Lightkey’s Enhanced Browser Integration technology” is checked.

Need further assistance? don’t hesitate to contact us!

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us. If you are experiencing issues with Lightkey, please open a support ticket.

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Lightkey's team


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