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Mobile Phone Text Prediction VS Lightkey's Text Prediction Explained

Lightkey is a free text prediction and auto-complete desktop app for Word, Outlook, Gmail (and more) in Microsoft Windows, supporting 80+ prediction languages

Probably one of the most frequent questions people ask us – isn’t it the same? You type something and the suggestions appear on your screen… Well, it’s not the same. Here are 3 major differences:

Difference #1: The Content

Lightkey's PC text prediction and auto completion versus mobile phone text prediction - The veraity of content difference

“call me back when you can”, “I’m sorry, but we’ll have to postpone our meeting”, etc. – They all represent everyday messages that we send to our friends and colleagues.

However, when we switch from our phone to our PC, the diversity of our content is much higher and can get very technical. Providing relevant suggestions in such a variety requires Lightkey to effectively adjust to specific typing interests.

Lightkey features a selection of 68 content/interest categories which enables it to adjust its suggestions to your specific typing interests.

Difference #2: The Interaction

Mobile Phone Text Prediction VS Lightkey's Text Prediction Explained - Lightkey is a free predictive typing / text prediction / auto-complete / word prediction / spelling correction desktop application for Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, Gmail, WhatsApp Web and more in Microsoft Windows, supporting more than 80 prediction languages

The common interaction with mobile phone keyboards involves choosing between multiple suggestions. Multiple suggestions cause us to split our attention between typing and considering the various suggestions.

Lightkey took on a more challenging path which preserves the user’s focus by offering only one suggestion at a time.

Difference #3: The Speed

Most of us would probably type faster using our computer keyboards rather than our phones. Why?

  1. Computer keyboards are separated from the screen, which allows better positioning of our hands while typing.

  2. Typing on our phones usually require us to hold it – which limits the max throughput that we could reach.

  3. Computer keyboards are bigger, therefore reducing the probability of typos.

Therefore, increasing - the already relatively fast - computer typing speed while avoiding spelling mistakes is extremely challenging. However, Lightkey’s powerful prediction engine does exactly that. Overall it will improve your efficiency by up to 30%!


We believe that PC text prediction is a must, as most of us spend a large portion of our day on emails, documents and presentations. We can understand why (with the aforementioned reasons in mind) entrepreneurs would prefer to divert their “text prediction development energy” to the mobile platforms. However, the PC is still here and it’s not going away so fast – so until we have a mind reading keyboard, we believe that Lightkey is a better choice over plain typing.


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