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9 Ways Typing Prediction Software Can Improve Sales Emails

From helping you write more concise emails to steering clear of jargon, here are nine answers to the question, "What are the most effective ways that using a typing prediction software like Lightkey can improve your sales emails?"

  • Helping You Write More Concise Emails

  • Creating a Better Version of You

  • Standardizing the Types of Responses

  • Acting as a Personal Assistant

  • Offering the Most Relevant Target Keywords

  • Increasing Your Writing Speed

  • Reducing Repetitive and Unrefined Messages

  • Providing Multi-language Support

  • Avoiding Jargon

Helping You Write More Concise Emails

Typing prediction software suggests phrases to complete your sentences based on the context of your original thought. This can be resourceful when your creativity gets fogged up and you can't find the right words to use.

Most people will ramble to describe a thought when they can't remember the single-word phrase to summarize it. In retrospect, this makes emails much longer than they might have planned. The more words consumers have to read, the less likely they are to make it to the end of your message or any of your calls-to-action.

Typing prediction software helps increase your click-through rates by keeping your copy brief yet valuable to subscribers. Consider it a possible sales-boosting investment.

Creating a Better Version of You

Using typing prediction software can also help to personalize your sales emails by suggesting words and phrases relevant to the customer.

This can help to make your emails more effective and engaging, as it can make your message appear more personalized and tailored to the customer's needs. Feeding it your prospect's information across all categories will allow it to be hyper-specific.

Making your emails more efficient and concise, it can suggest words and phrases that are most relevant to the customer and include buzzwords aligned with their business, allowing you to get your message across more quickly and effectively.

Dustin Ray, Co-CEO and Chief Growth Officer, IncFile

Standardizing the Types of Responses

Using typing prediction software, sales professionals can standardize the types of responses they send to customers. It helps eliminate typos and errors in emails, improving customer satisfaction.

Additionally, this type of software predicts words and phrases you may often use, allowing for a smoother drafting process when responding to customers; it even suggests language and phrases that can turn a customer's negative experience into a positive one. With typing prediction software, sales professionals can ensure their emails are concise and accurate while providing timely responses to customers' inquiries.

Kate Wojewoda-Celinska, Marketing Manager, Spacelift

Acting as a Personal Assistant

If you're prone to writer's block, typing prediction software such as Lightkey can help. It can assist you in finishing a sentence by providing possible words and phrases that you may not have thought of on your own.

In short, it speeds up the process of writing sales emails. This is especially important if you're tasked with writing emails on a daily basis. Lightkey's intelligent algorithm acts as a personal assistant, making your work more efficient.

Kim Walls, CEO and Co-Founder, Furtuna Skin

Offering the Most Relevant Target Keywords

Typing prediction software like Lightkey boosts efficiency by predicting what you're going to type and offering you the most relevant terms based on your message. It helps sales emails flow more quickly, while still delivering a personalized and accurate message.

This type of software eliminates tedious typing so that you can focus more time on crafting effective communication for sales purposes. Not only does it offer suggestions for common phrases, words, or sentences that are likely to be typed, but it also organizes them into categories related to the content of your email. This makes sure that the information provided is tailored to suit the context of your message and thus improves the overall structure of your emails.

Increasing Your Writing Speed

Using a typing prediction software like Lightkey can help you quickly draft up emails to send out to potential customers.

With the ability to make intelligent predictions, you can type faster than normal while still maintaining accuracy and clarity in your messages. This means that you can send out more emails in less time, and in turn, increase your potential for making sales.

By eliminating the need to constantly retype words or phrases, you can focus on crafting thoughtful and engaging messages that will capture the attention of your buyers. Lightkey also allows you to customize predictions based on your personal writing style or industry-specific language, allowing you to save even more time. With Lightkey, you can boost your productivity and increase sales by quickly writing emails that hit the mark.

Reducing Repetitive and Unrefined Messages

If you find yourself repeating the same words or phrases in your sales emails, typing prediction software can make crafting a message easier and faster. These tools provide suggestions as you type, so you're never left pondering for minutes at a time about the best way to word a particular thought.

With typing prediction software, you can confidently write sales emails that aren't mundane and repetitive, leading to a more refined message, and increasing your chances of a successful sale.

Dakota McDaniels, Chief Product Officer, Pluto

Providing Multi-language Support

Having used a typing prediction software such as Lightkey, I can attest to the immense benefits it brings when writing sales emails across different languages. Multi-language support eliminates the tedious task of switching keyboards for each language and re-familiarizing oneself with keystrokes based on the current language input.

With Lightkey, multi-language support minimizes this time-consuming process, providing more efficient output across various languages while enabling one to switch between them quickly and easily. For a health magazine that needs to get the most out of its sales emails, investing in a typing prediction software like Lightkey, which has multi-language support, can be extremely beneficial, substantially boosting productivity and maximizing conversions from foreign markets.

Avoiding Jargon

Employing jargon or technical terminology in your sales emails can turn off readers. The use of typing prediction software, such as Lightkey, can help in avoiding the use of jargon and encouraging the use of simple and succinct language. The software's prediction function may suggest simpler alternatives to difficult phrases.


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