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11 Best Writing Tools for Translators

What is one writing tool you'd recommend for translators?

For recommendations on the best writing tools for translators, we asked business professionals and content writers this question for their insights. From SDL Trados to MemoQ, there are several translation tools you can use for writing.

Here are eleven writing tools for translators:

  • Translate Across Several Formats With Trados

  • Increase Productivity via memoQ

  • Improve Readability With Hemingway App

  • Perform Basic Grammar Checks Using Grammarly

  • Translate Dozens of Languages With Google

  • Try Fluency Now for Multiple Tools

  • Get Comprehensive Service Through Wordbee

  • Search Linguee’s Multilingual Dictionary

  • Generate Fluent Translations Using Paraphrase Tool

  • Use Memsource For Light Workloads

  • Integrate Writefull’s Editor With Other Tools

Translate Across Several Formats With Trados

SDL Trados Studio is a handy computer-assisted translation tool that allows you to work with a number of different formats. Because of its popularity amongst translators and translation agencies across the globe, using this tool has been beneficial for professionals to land more work. The tool itself is quite user-friendly and cloud-based, which allows for easy access and sharing.

Demi Yilmaz,

Increase Productivity via memoQ

memoQ is a popular CAT tool that's packed with features for the modern-day translator, effectively saving your time and increasing productivity. It lets you reuse previous translations, add reference materials, create glossaries, check for quality and terminology, and more. If you're looking for a comprehensive tool that does it all, look no further than MemoQ.

George Mitsov, ProxyEmpire

Improve Readability With Hemingway App

The Hemingway App is a handy tool for any writer and is especially useful for translators. The main function of the app is to improve the readability of passages. The editor points out hard-to-read sentences, suggests alternatives to complex words, and limits the number of adverbs. Professionals can use the tool to simplify a piece of writing pre-translation and to polish a translated passage to make it more understandable. The Hemingway App also offers four different versions of English (i.e., American, Canadian, Australian, and British) so you can easily adjust the dialect.

Michael Alexis, TeamBuilding

Perform Basic Grammar Checks Using Grammarly

Having worked as a translator of audiovisual content, I found Grammarly a valuable tool as it improved the overall quality and speed of translation. It allowed me to perform basic grammar and punctuation checks on the go but more importantly, I was able to aid the creative parts of translation without leaving the text window. The software allowed me to display synonyms and short dictionary definitions of words and phrases, eliminating the need to reflect on the proper selection of words.

Michael Sena, SENACEA

Translate Dozens of Languages With Google

We are huge fans of Google Translate. You can use Google Translate on your desktop or using the Google Docs app. Google Translate has 108 languages. Go into Google Docs. Click Tools and then click Translate, and your language choices will populate. The best part: Google Translate is free to use.

Try Fluency Now for Multiple Tools

Fluency Now is a CAT tool and translation software dedicated to freelancers, but they also have an enterprise edition for larger businesses. Advanced features include Fluency Flow which is a project management tool. It has a built-in proofreading function and offers document statistics, as well.

Andrew Bernstein, Kinder Beauty

Get Comprehensive Service Through Wordbee

Wordbee is a translation management system that includes a simple CAT tool. It concentrates on cooperation and does a good job at project management, although it lacks some of the more complex features, and performance is said to be an issue.

Herbert Riggs, UnscrambleX

Search Linguee’s Multilingual Dictionary

A company favorite for us is Linguee. This novel translation tool combines both a dictionary with a search engine, so you are able to search for bilingual texts, words, and expressions in different languages to check definitions and contextual translations. It's the best writing tool when translating our website pages, hands down.

Generate Fluent Translations Using Paraphrase Tool

Using a paraphrasing tool can help ensure that a translated passage sounds as fluent as possible and strikes the right tone. For all the content I create, I make sure to revise with Paraphrase Tool. It offers 15 free paraphrasing modes in over 100 languages.

Matthew Ramirez, Rephrase Media, Inc.

Use Memsource for Light Workloads

Memsource, which provides both a web-based and a desktop translation editor, is one of the most excellent tools. Although the online editor is straightforward and intuitive, several translators complain that it lacks some features and is slow when working on large projects. Prices begin at $27 a month, but there is also a free personal edition with a two-file simultaneous translation restriction, which may be sufficient if you have a light workload.

Edward Mellett, Wikijob

Integrate Writefull’s Editor With Other Tools

Writefull is an almost incomprehensibly wonderful program that you may have for free on your laptop, Word, or Overleaf. You get essential comments on your grammar and the appropriateness of your words by using its database of over 5 million books. It is beneficial when translating a literary work, a magazine article, or other significant writing pieces.

What I like the most about this tool is that we can compare phrases and content to comparable paragraphs on the internet. This doesn't mean it is a plagiarism checker. So you're not looking for duplicate stuff on the internet. The goal is to guarantee that your grammar and syntax are at their best. This is a valuable tool for translators whose first language is not English since it helps them produce a decent translation.

Axel Hernborg,

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