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9 Practical Uses for AI-Powered Writing Assistants

What is one practical use for an AI-powered writing assistant?

To help you understand the benefits of AI-powered writing assistants, we asked writers and business leaders this question for their insights. From creating compelling subject lines and titles to setting the right tone of voice, there are several benefits to using AI for your writing needs.

Here are 9 uses for AI-powered assistants:

  • Create Compelling Subject Lines and Titles

  • Improve Quality and Credibility

  • Write Better Outlines

  • Convert Voice to Text

  • Set the Right Tone of Voice

  • Use for Everyday Tasks

  • Improve Grammar Checks

  • Personalize Text

  • Create More Efficiently

Improve Quality and Credibility

At best, grammar mistakes are a distraction, but at worst, they can be a credibility-killer. An AI-powered writing assistant can help catch grammar mistakes as you write, ensuring top-quality copy every step of the way.

If you prefer to edit later on, AI writing assistants can analyze what you’ve written and suggest grammatical changes. Either way, I highly recommend making use of an AI-powered writing assistant to check grammar.

Court Will, Will & Will

Improve Content Research

One obvious use for an AI-powered writing assistant is checking grammar, but I would say you can also get a lot of practical use out of AI writing assistants for research. Content creation takes time, much of which is often spent on researching topics, vocabulary, and references before the writing can begin.

Put an AI assistant to work for you, and it’ll trawl the web for relevant articles and vocabulary that can help you craft your own quality content.

Eric Blumenthal, Zoe Print

Create Compelling Subject Lines and Titles

Enter a brief synopsis of the content, and most AI-powered writing assistants will be able to create and suggest a compelling email subject line or article title. If the suggestion doesn't align with your vision, hit the regenerate button and move on to the next idea.

Not only is this a great way to be a more efficient content producer, but many of these suggestions are based on data points that may improve engagement and performance. There are many modules of AI-powered writing assistants, but the shorter stuff like titles are things these tools can really nail.

Brett Farmiloe, Markitors

Write Better Outlines

AI writing assistants are improving. For instance, many now can write with a tone that previously was only attributed to humans. One practical use for AI is to have the artificial intelligence software write your article outline.

For example, HyperWrite will write your outline for free. Although HyperWrite charges you to write your paragraphs, it will write your blog post’s outline as well as your sentences for free.

Since your outline contains the points of your article, by writing the outline, the AI also writes your post's subheadings for you. Therefore, the AI saves you time while helping you accomplish more.

Convert Voice to Text

A great and practical use of AI-powered writing assistants is voice-to-text availability. When a writer can speak the text they want to be written, and the AI is able to coherently write it out, it saves a lot of time and energy. It is less effort to talk than to type, plus it is much faster overall.

Michael Jankie, Natural Patch

Set the Right Tone of Voice

Ai-powered writing assistants are great tools to set the tone of voice. Your writing should have its own type of voice that is unique from other writers. An AI-powered writing assistant helps you keep a certain tone of voice throughout the writing, making it easier for the writing flow to continue.

Katie Keirnan,

Use for Everyday Tasks

I use an AI-powered writing assistant for everyday tasks, including email. It helps me get my thoughts out faster without worrying about errors.

It’s really been great at helping me get more done faster because I always know the AI plugin will check my spelling after. It’s a practical tool for anyone, even if you’re a great writer. It gives you less to worry about.

Charlie McKenna McKenna, Lillie's Q

Personalize Text

An AI-powered writing assistant such as Anyword features text suggestions, a preset keyword library, and text personalization. Personalization is vital because it can mean the difference between converting customers or having them leave your site.

With an AI-powered writing assistant, you can generate different versions of existing text to find the best wording. Personalization will win new customers and ultimately benefit the bottom line.

Jenn Ohara, Soba Recovery

Create More Efficiently

AI writing assistants are powerhouses when it comes to content creation. If you take time to learn how to use the tool, they can help you pump out content in a matter of hours, not days.

I personally use to assist in writing our blogs here. Through the platform, I am able to generate blog title ideas from researched SEO topics, get title ideas, create an AI-powered outline, and, you guessed it, write the majority of the content.

SEO is so important for any business, and by using an AI tool, you can cut your time spent on building SEO in half.

Lauren Murdock, Mainvest

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