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9 Reasons Why the AIDA Writing Formula Works for Copywriting

What is one reason why the AIDA writing formula works in copywriting?

To help you understand the benefits of the AIDA writing formula in copywriting, we asked writers and business leaders this question for their insights. From strategizing in four steps to writing complete and compelling content, there are several reasons to use the AIDA writing formula.

Here are nine reasons why the AIDA writing formula works for copywriting:

  • Strategize in Four Steps

  • Write Complete and Compelling Content

  • Help Tell a Story

  • Build a Connection With Your Audience

  • Write With Intention

  • Structure Your Pitch Effectively

  • Give People Reasons to Convert

  • Identify Cognitive and Behavioral Stages

  • Present a Problem and Solution

Strategize in Four Steps

The AIDA formula is a copywriting strategy that effectively moves customers down the marketing funnel so you can increase your sales.

First, get their attention. Use hooks and sound like you understand the problem your product or service solves. Then, boost their interest. Next, build on the interest they already expressed. Create desire. For instance, play on people's fear of missing out (FOMO). And finally, prompt them to take action. In just four steps, you made a sale with this popular and effective copywriting technique.

Janice Wald, Mostly Blogging

Write Complete and Compelling Content

The AIDA writing formula is often used in marketing and general copywriting. Attention, Interest, Desire, Action — it's a simple way to create complete and interesting content, and for those who don't consider themselves innate writers, it's like training wheels.

AIDA is great to use; but at some point, it'll be the right time to take off the training wheels. Use AIDA to guide your writing and get a sense of how to write complete and compelling content, but don't rely on it for every writing project.

Desiree Cunnningham, Markitors

Help Tell a Story

When reading, people want four things: (1) copy that will grab their attention, (2) copy with interest, (3) copy to pique their desire to learn something new, and (4) a way to apply it to work, their lives or wellbeing. That’s AIDA in its simplest form. It works because it is the overarching plot of storytelling. Every brand attempts to tell its story in one shape or another.

Hannah Cleve, Viral Launch

Build a Connection With Your Audience

The AIDA formula works because it instills a sense of connection between the company and the reader of its copy. You can get readers’ attention through touching on issues they may be going through that would make them interested in trying your products or services.

Establishing this connection before getting to the actual details of what is being sold is a very powerful step in hooking in the reader and having them trust in your brand through your copywriting.

Amber Theurer, ivee

Write With Intention

The AIDA formula ensures writing with purpose. Words can sound really pretty on a page, but if they aren’t driving action — and quickly — they aren’t worth the space. Since there’s an incredibly brief moment to capture a consumer’s attention, it’s crucial to write with intention. Following this formula helps do that.

Structure Your Pitch Effectively

The AIDA formula is an effective way to structure your pitch for better clarity and understanding. In copywriting, you must have a clear idea of who the audience will be, so they can relate to what's being said in each sentence or paragraph without any confusion on their end. Following this formula helps with these common issues in writing.

Saskia Ketz, Mojomox

Give People Reasons to Convert

This formula works because it allows the copywriter to intrigue the target audience gradually. It doesn't just push a call to action right off the bat. People need to feel like they would have a good reason to purchase a product or service before making the decision to convert, and the AIDA formula helps to get people into this mindset by addressing pain points and the possibility of solving these pain points.

Kristen Dole, Nowadays

Identify Different Stages in a Sale

The AIDA model in marketing is one of those classic methods that is still really useful. Today, it is still used both to write sales pages, emails, and advertisements. I think the reason for its wide use is that AIDA identifies the cognitive and behavioral stages that a consumer goes through during the process of buying a product or service to communicate the correct message in each phase.

Elijah Sekulov, GripeO

Present a Problem and Solution

This copywriting system is successful because it tells a story, in a sense. It puts the reader in the mindset of recognizing challenges and figuring out how to overcome these challenges with whatever products or services are being offered.

If you were to write a series of sentences that were all similar without using the four steps of this copywriting method, the reader would not be as interested because he or she would not feel a sense of learning something new through having a problem solved.

Brandon Amoroso, electrIQ marketing

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