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How These 13 Copywriters Are Utilizing ChatGPT

From correcting errors to uncovering new answers, here are 13 answers to the question, "Can you share any helpful ways you use ChatGPT to improve your copywriting process?"

  • Clear Any Errors

  • Draft Intros and Conclusions

  • Write First Drafts for Cold Emails

  • Create FAQ Schema Markup

  • Remove Writer’s Block

  • Make Catchy Headlines that Sell

  • Verify Translations

  • Summarizes Long-Form Copy

  • Generates Strong Email Sequences

  • Ideates Content Briefs

  • Rewrite Text in My Desired Tone

  • Help With Different Audiences

  • Brainstorms and Evaluates

  • Discover Answers You Didn’t Think of

Clear Any Errors

There have been many different types of editing programs out there for writers of all kinds. From simple in-Word spell checks to more advanced programs like typing assistant software, there are all kinds of ways to make sure that your writing is up to par. ChatGPT is another great tool to ensure that your work is free of any grammatical errors. It also can check for passive voice, which is a problem that many writers face.

Jacob Dayan, Co-Founder & CEO, Community Tax

Draft Intros and Conclusions

The tool helps us see how our ideas flow together, which helps us figure out the best way to start and end our articles. These introductions and conclusions are usually the most essential parts of our articles, so having a tool that helps us write them quickly and effectively is crucial to our copywriting process.

Write First Drafts for Cold Emails

Email marketing is an important source of leads for my business, but it can be very time-consuming to constantly write emails. I have found ChatGPT to be an excellent tool for writing the first drafts of my cold emails.

Although its first attempts were too wordy, I simply asked ChatGPT to tighten things up, which worked well. To refine the initial results, I usually ask ChatGPT to try different styles and tones, even adding a few jokes. Although, I ultimately have to make edits to make the finished email feel more personalized and less generic, having ChatGPT write the first draft is a great time-saver.

Create FAQ Schema Markup

One of the best ways we've found to utilize ChatGPT with copywriting is to actually use it within the finished article to add FAQ Schema Markup to the content itself

By prompting ChatGPT to add the required code around the part of the content that needs the FAQ Schema, it then makes the process much smoother for us to upload it via Tag Manager to our site.

Gary Warner, Marketing Manager, Joloda Hydaroll

Remove Writer’s Block

ChatGPT has certainly helped me to speed up my lead nurturing process and helped our company craft very engaging and helpful responses to incoming queries. OpenAI's chatbot has helped our prospects in their buyer's journey and made them more likely to purchase with us.

If we look at it from the copywriting perspective, writer's block was something that obstructed my way of writing compelling responses and messages that can close clients. Since in the UAV industry, we're allowed to be absolutely technical with the copy, ChatGPT helped me explore the creative side of writing and gave me numerous ideas to start writing a message.

On top of that, ChatGPT quickly picks up the branding and tone that companies use. It makes sure to use specific technical jargon or, I may say, buzzwords that can help us position ourselves as an expert and persuade clients into submitting their projects to us.

Make Catchy Headlines that Sell

ChatGPT is trained to learn from data. It is an AI model to help businesses write more quickly, efficiently, and clearly. It's a large language model and such a type of model is built with a lot of data.

For example, since it follows Natural Language Processing, the writing doesn't look robotic. It writes human-like text. You can put any topic in, and it will generate many ideas to make the best heading. This is the best part I like about the tool because, as part of a marketing team, I have to write perfect yet catchy headlines.

With the help of ideas generated by ChatGPT, I can make creative headings and perform well. There is one suggestion: when you use ChatGPT, don't directly use the ideas generated by the tool, because they might not fit your needs; just modify them accordingly.

Yogesh Kumar, Digital Marketing Manager, Technource

Summarize Long-Form Copy

As a copywriter, I'm always looking for ways to streamline my Word document-based workflow. ChatGPT is the perfect solution; with its Summarize feature, it helps take bulky blocks of long-form copy and condense them down to their key points in seconds.

I recently used it when preparing a lengthy financial website's homepage—by uploading the content and summarizing it, I was able to easily and quickly identify the main areas that needed focus, before writing new and more succinct copy. It's made my process far more efficient, saving valuable time, particularly on bigger assignments.

Generate Strong Email Sequences

Every copywriter wants to create a unique email sequence that isn't samey and salesy! And it takes a lot of time and effort to create a beautiful welcome sequence, special offer sequence, or anything similar.

I tell the tool to create a "Welcome sequence for an XYZ brand" by entering the command, then I sit back and wait for it to finish.

The entire email sequence can be generated in a few seconds to several minutes, making it the ideal starting point for the later creation of the ideal email sequence.

Without a doubt, the content the tool generates needs some manual editing, but it still provides a good foundation for writing effective copy!

Kartik Ahuja, CEO & Founder, GrowthScribe

Ideate Content Briefs

Browsing online copywriting forums, there seems to be a lot of fear that ChatGPT will replace copywriters. Savvy business owners recognize that an AI tool is no substitute for quality copy. However, if we as copywriters underestimate the power of ChatGPT, we could be missing a trick.

I find ChatGPT so useful for the ideation phase. I regularly use it to draft a content brief because it helps me to make sure that I'm not missing a key point. It's particularly helpful when I'm staring at a blank page trying to uncover the deep benefits of a product or service.

Marie O'Sullivan, Web Designer & SEO Specialist, Marie O'Sullivan

Rewrite Text in My Desired Tone

Sometimes, I need help getting the copy to where I want it in a specific section of my document. In those cases, I use ChatGPT to either finish my thought or rewrite the section in my desired voice

I am launching a digital product focused on brand naming. For the sales page, I created descriptions for names I found using the product. When writing the descriptions, I couldn't get the tone where I wanted it—it sounded too casual, and I wanted a deeper tone that dove into the layers of meaning in each name

To fix this, I plugged the descriptions into ChatGPT and mentioned the tone I wanted from each description. From there, ChatGPT rewrote them in a unified, consistent way. Overall, it improves my copywriting significantly and is a huge asset in my workflow.

Help With Different Audiences

I used to have a hard time writing in a way that was clear, concise, and accessible to my audience. But with ChatGPT, I'm able to go through the process of writing in a way that makes sense for different types of audiences.

It helps me break down what I'm trying to say into smaller chunks, so it's easier for people to understand what I'm trying to communicate—even if they're not familiar with what I do or who my company is.

And as a writer on the team, this helps me make sure that our messages are always clear and easy to understand, which means that our audience gets more value out of them!

Laura Martinez, Consultant & Content Writer, PersonalityMax

Brainstorms and Evaluates

As a copywriter, I'm always looking for new ways to improve my process and make my work more efficient. Recently, I've been using ChatGPT to help me with my copywriting process.

ChatGPT is an AI-powered conversational assistant that can help with a variety of tasks, including content creation and copywriting. It can generate ideas, act as a brainstorming partner, and provide feedback on your copy. It even has a feature that can suggest new words to help you find the right copy.

Using ChatGPT has made my copywriting process much more efficient. I'm able to get ideas faster, create more engaging copy, and spend less time revising. I'm able to focus on the details of my work, like creating a compelling headline or adding a personal touch to my copy, knowing that the basics of my work have already been taken care of.

Jaya Iyer, Marketing Assistant, Teranga Digital Marketing

Discover Answers You Didn’t Think of

It's a pretty neat tool for getting concise answers, but don't make the mistake of being completely reliant on it and missing out on the creativity that "traditional copy" brings to the table. The key with ChatGPT is to be precise with how you phrase the question, feeding it relevant information at the same time.

For example, "AI, please write a punchy hook for ABC Company's crypto using the content below." You won't get the exact answer you're looking for right away at times, so keep rephrasing your question a few times—you'll get there eventually. In fact, you might discover answers you didn't even think of! That's one of the perks of using this AI tool.

It’s been pretty handy for our company's lead generation campaigns, praised by MailCon for achieving a 122% conversion rate compared to Facebook Ads and Google Adwords

So, I would certainly recommend you use it sparingly. But remember, nothing beats the creativity people bring to the table.

John B. Martyn, Lead Content Strategist, BrightestMinds


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