Introducing Optimized Prediction Experience for People with Disabilities

“Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.” – Albert Einstein

Can Lightkey really help all types of users?

This was one of the most challenging questions we had to face since we started this journey. And as is often happens with launching “mainstream” technology aiming to solve big problems, we soon realized our users come in all sizes and shapes. For us, that was actually reassuring, as we’re always happy to get as much and diverse feedback as possible.

And we certainly got feedback! We got it all… from positive to negative, encouraging and skeptical, enlightening and sometimes not…

This blog post however, is about the feedback that was the most inspiring of them all; the one that stood out from the rest; the one we cherish and proudly share whenever we get a chance, as it helped us realize Lightkey is really making a difference.

It started with a message we received from an occupational therapist who works for a charity that supports people with disabilities. Following a short evaluation and discussing the pros and cons with us, she decided to recommend one of her patients with CP (Cerebral Palsy) to use Lightkey, and then later shared her recommendation with other patients over a blog post published on the charity’s website.

Since then, we’ve been contacted by a few caregivers working for similar organizations in the UK and in the USA, who also decided to recommend their communities and patients with disabilities to use Lightkey.

However, beside feedback coming from caregivers, we were excited to engage in conversation with the users themselves. For example, we recently received the following feedback from a user suffering from CP who shared his personal experience working with Lightkey: “I find it very useful and it has substantially increased my productivity.” For us, this is the kind of impact that makes all our efforts count.

So... while our latest release (Lightkey 12) automatically adapts itself to better cater for fast typists, we are nonetheless excited to have added a new feature right at the top of our General Settings menu, which will now enable an optimized prediction experience especially for people with disabilities (see image below). Turning on this feature will essentially make Lightkey more interactive in a way that reduces the user’s physical effort by maximizing the number of predicted keystrokes.

Dedicated with love,

Lightkey’s team

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