Typing Fast? Great! Lightkey Will Now Adapt Itself to Your Typing Speed in Real-Time

“The measure of intelligence is the ability to change” - Albert Einstein

One of the most frequently asked questions we needed to address since we started developing Lightkey was about its relevance to fast typists. People often told us: hey, I’m typing really fast – can Lightkey help me become even faster and more productive?

The intuitive answer is actually rather simple, as hitting just one key (the TAB key) to cover several characters is by definition faster and more productive than typing each and every character. Moreover, Lightkey's proactive correction technology is by far more efficient than any other method with regards to handling spelling corrections and grammar corrections.

Nevertheless, we can’t ignore the fact that the faster you type the harder it is to adjust to new typing habits. Furthermore, those who type really fast might feel indifferent to avoiding 2-3 keystrokes, even if the potential prediction pops-up every other word.

But using Lightkey is not just about saving your time… it’s also about saving your energy!

Like every other task, and especially with repetitive tasks, typing takes its toll on your energy, and the more you type the more energy you put into it. This toll is actually multiplied with heavier typists, as the burden on your palms may end up with a visit to your local clinic…

Therefore, realizing that those who type fast probably need a tailored solution so they can also be able to benefit from Lightkey, we decided to embark on a mission to tackle this challenge. And finally, Lightkey's latest edition now includes an automated mechanism that detects your typing speed in real-time and adjusts Lightkey’s prediction interactivity in such a way that will de-facto suggest only high-impact time-sensitive predictions and spelling corrections.

This will essentially result in what we believe would be a significantly improved experience for fast typists, who will only see suggestions entailing a significant time and energy gain.

Having said that, this feature is yet another milestone toward the release of Lightkey’s premium edition which, among other improvements, will naturally better cater for professional typists.

For those of you who enjoy hands-on experimenting and prefer to manually choose their settings, we added a new Prediction Interactivity Settings menu in Lightkey’s Control Center (see image below), where you can manually choose your preferred prediction interactivity experience based on your average WPM (Words Per Minute) speed.

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