Invite friends to Lightkey and earn extra prediction credits

Lightkey Free edition provides all of Lightkey’s prediction power for free with no compromise on privacy. The Free edition helps you save up to 1,000 keystrokes per month for life.

In this post, we will show you how to earn extra prediction credits and save up to 4,000 keystrokes per month for life using the free edition of Lightkey.

Here is how it works:

Step 1 – Download Lightkey and open the invite form

Download the latest edition of Lightkey Free from our download page. Once installed, click on Lightkey's tray icon to open Lightkey's Control Center:

Then, click on the button “Get more monthly keystrokes”:

Step 2 – Sending invites to friends and colleagues

Fill out your friend’s email address in the first text field and your name and email in the second and third text fields.

** We request this information to let your friend know that the invite came from you. Rest assure that this information is safe with us and we will never share it nor use it to spam either you or your friend. **

After completing the form, click on “Send the first invite” button.

Now, you will be offered to fill another form and send your second invite. Enter another friend’s email address and click on “Send the second invite”:

Next, you’ll be offered to send your third invite:

Once completed, you can review your invites status.

To reach the full benefit, send more invites by filling more email addresses clicking on “send invite”:

Tip: If you want to increase the chances that your invites will be activated just send more invites (up to 9 invites in total). Every activated invite earns you and your friend an additional 300 monthly keystrokes.

Step 3 – Getting your invites activated

For each invite sent, Lightkey will send an email to your friend's specified address (see below sample email). Your friend should open the invite email and click on “Accept Invitation”.

Please note that the email also contains an “invite key” that will be used at a later stage to activate the invite.

Clicking on the “Accept Invitation” button will open the following webpage. Your friend should click on “Download Lightkey for Windows” and follow the installation instructions:

Once Lightkey is installed, the following window will automatically open.

Your friend should copy and paste the invite key (provided in the invite email) to this window.

Congratulations! You and your friend just got additional 300 monthly keystrokes, free for life!

Step 4 – Track your invites status

Click on Lightkey's tray icon to open Lightkey's Control Center and then click on the "get more monthly keystrokes" button: