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Lightkey for Business - The Power of Collective Wisdom

Lightkey for Business - The Power of Collective Wisdom - Lightkey is a predictive typing / text prediction / auto-complete / word prediction / spelling correction desktop application for Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, Gmail, WhatsApp Web and more in Microsoft Windows, supporting more than 80 prediction languages.

“The whole is other than the sum of the parts.” – Kurt Koffka

Lightkey for Business Conceptualization

Lightkey was founded with a vision to enable typing at the speed of mind, and essentially to bridge the gap between your thinking and typing speed. Our technological mission statement is to enable intelligent typing experience that seamlessly blends in any content creation process, whether it’s casual conversational or professional content.

The execution of our mission statement evolved into an endpoint technology which we decided to launch as a product supporting over 80 languages, looking to reach large and diverse demographics.

Having said that, we always felt our technology can also bring real value to various business sectors and envisioned our entire business strategy built around the development of enterprise technology aimed to enhance productivity across organizations.

Overtime, we received numerous feedback from users all across the globe who shared their insights and ideas. This feedback were key to the continuous development and improvement of Lightkey’s core technology, as well as instrumental to the conceptualization of our business model. We first realized our vision and technology actually meet business demands when some of our users expressed a growing interest in using Lightkey at the workplace, considering it to be their competitive edge.

Overall, we’re seeing a growing interest in adopting our technology with business customers, large and small, coming from a variety of corporate sectors (e.g. Legal, Financial, Consulting etc.), who all share a mutual interest in increased productivity.

Lightkey for Business – The Power of Collective Wisdom

Offering intelligent typing experience has to do with adapting to the user typing patterns. In order to optimize this process, we developed unique technological concepts that are included in our endpoint version and essentially deliver optimized personalized experience to an individual user.

However, when looking at this individual user as part of a group, and that group as a part of an organization, there is a great opportunity to enhance the user’s personalized experience while creating significant value to the organization as a whole.

The key is to use the power of collective wisdom.

We envision a user benefiting from multiple layers of intelligence combined together, utilizing both his personal typing patterns and the collective wisdom of the organization.

Based on tests we conducted in our prediction lab we expect to see a significant improvement in the typing experience in comparison to the currently available endpoint version. In addition, Lightkey’s enterprise edition will include various cross-organizational analytical capabilities based on users’ metrics.

Enhancing the organization’s productivity by using its collective wisdom is not our destination, but rather a milestone on our road-map. This technology opens the door to very exciting opportunities in organizational productivity that have the potential to solve some of today’s greatest corporate challenges by minimizing redundancy, improving knowledge retention and enabling smarter proactive collaboration.

Lightkey for Business is a subscription-based service.

Please contact us to learn more and secure your place in our early bird offer.


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