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Lightkey’s Native Prediction Experience Expands to LinkedIn Messenger

Lightkey offers predictions while creating any type of content, however we always felt there’s a great unmet need for predictive typing capabilities specifically when creating professional content. This is contrary to the more daily / conversational-oriented content very well addressed by various predictive text tools embedded in mobile devices, and also recently made available in certain cloud-based desktop messaging platforms.

The LinkedIn social network has grown to become the leading online platform for professional networking. As such, it’s messaging module is yet another space where we exercise heavy typing, with emphasis on professional content.

Therefore, we decided it’s time to add the LinkedIn Messenger module to the list of applications where Lightkeyers can benefit from the same native inline prediction experience as in MS Word, Outlook, PowerPoint etc. This feature is now available to Lightkey Professional and Lightkey for Business users as part of our free update policy.

As for any other supported applications, users can choose to disable/enable this functionality under Preferences tab / Applications in Lightkey's Control Center.

It should also be noted in this context, that Lightkey’s predictions and spelling corrections are also available in any text field and any desktop application (e.g. Excel worksheets, LinkedIn posts and/or comments fields etc.), using the Lightkey Anywhere triggered feature first launched in December 2018.

With Lightkey Anywhere, pressing the Ctrl key + mouse click in any editable text field summons a flexible window wherein Lightkey's suggestions natively show as you type. Once completed, you hit Enter and your text shows up in the chosen field.


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