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Trusted by thousands in over 150 countries

“Immediate value right from the get-go”

Shira Cinamon Lindenblat
Product UX Designer

"As a product UX designer, I’m very critical when it comes to using any product, yet with Lightkey I felt the immediate change and value right from the get-go. Working with Lightkey has definitely improved my typing experience and my sense of focus, productivity and time saved."

“Speed of typing increased significantly”

Ragnar Heil
Microsoft MVP. Tech Leader & Blogger

"It increases my productivity when predicting sentences because typos are reduced and speed of typing has increased significantly. Quality has improved as well because I can re-use existing expressions from our official documentations."

“Can’t go back to manual typing”

Lee Kappon

“The onboarding was very simple and it took just a few minutes to get used to the pleasant experience. It feels like having a smart companion that helps me think ahead, respond to emails and compile documents much faster. Frankly, I can’t see myself going back to manual typing…”

Clean Up Your Inbox At Lightning Speed

Lightkey’s AI-Powered word prediction software learns your typing patterns and gradually predicts up to 12 words including punctuation marks, allowing you to compose emails 4 times faster, with confidence.

Full Sentence



Spelling Correction

Focus On Your Ideas, Forget About Typos

Lightkey’s AI-Powered spelling correction technology offers real-time suggestions for misspelled words. In addition to its built-in vocabularies, Lightkey will learn and offer spelling corrections based on your unique vocabulary.

Get The Most Relevant Terms For Your Professional Content

Lightkey includes over 60 content domains including technology, business, finance, law, academia, and more. Using its deep learning context analysis capabilities, Lightkey will offer you the most relevant terms.

Deep Contextual Prediction



Benefit From Predictive Text In Any Desktop Application

Lightkey natively supports MS Office Outlook, Word & PowerPoint and Google Chrome apps Gmail, WhatsAppWeb, LinkedIn Messenger, etc.

For any other application, simply activate

Lightkey Anywhere and benefit from predictive text.


Your Privacy. First

Lightkey will never submit your content to the cloud. In addition, Lightkey does not require any internet connectivity.

Your Productivity. Visualized

Unlock your key productivity metrics using Lightkey’s intuitive dashboard. Follow your progress and learn about your productivity growth over time.


You know how convenient it is when you start typing a search phrase in Google and it knows what you're thinking? Or when your phone suggests the word to insert so you can save time pecking at the keys? LightKey is like that but for your computer. Once you have the app installed, LightKey will start suggesting words as you type. It's predictive text, not autocorrect, so you don't have to deal with autocorrect fails. But by simply clicking the Tab key, you can accept the word and start typing at lightning speed. The program takes into consideration specialized words you might use for your industry, such as technology or healthcare, and learns from your most-typed words and phrases. It works in Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook, as well as Gmail (Chrome extension required) and a few other mail and chat programs.
Type less with this
fast and accurate
predictive text app
Lightkey is a text prediction software that adapts to your typing style and offers tailored predictions. Early adopters claim that this nifty piece of software has helped them save 40% of the time while typing. Lightkey supports MS Office and Google Chrome (Gmail, WhatsApp Web, Yahoo! Mail and Outlook Mail.) on Windows 10. Windows 8.1 and Windows 7. Downloading and setting up Lightkey is pretty simple. After downloading the app walks you through a series of settings that lets you customize preferences. LightKey has some proverbial chinks in its armor. That apart, it is one of the most futuristic and innovative typing tool that I have come across. I noticed that LightKey started getting better and learned my preferences after prolonged usage. The spell checker is a bonus and this keeps you on track and helps avoid typos.
One of the most
futuristic and innovate tools
that I came across
LIGHTKEY’S AI-POWERED PREDICTIVE TYPING TOOL IS GIVING A STIFF COMPETITION TO GOOGLE’S SMART COMPOSE - From text prediction to grammar check, the applications of AI and ML are fast changing. Lightkey Sources is an Israeli-based startup that is relatively younger in the field. Founded in 2016 by Guy Katabi and Eran Brauer, the startup’s AI-powered predictive typing and text prediction software is compatible with MS Office and Chrome and supports 80 prediction languages, including Hindi, thus helping it adding scores of Indians to its international user base.
Lightkey is giving a
stiff competition to Google's
Smart Compose

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