21 Best Grammarly Alternatives For Error-Free Writing

Proper grammar is integral to personal and professional success. Being able to express ourselves concisely and accurately is the foundation of good communication. Without the structure that grammar provides, messages would be lost in translation, and people would be second-guessing each other's intentions.

As English is arguably the universal language, it is important for writers and communicators to know at least the basic grammar guidelines. It's true that being good at it does not necessarily make one a better writer, but grammar helps ensure that message delivery is precise. With that said, wouldn't you want to have both skills?

Fortunately, there are tools that can help fix spelling and grammar errors. Grammarly is the most popular one, but it isn't the only one. If you're curious about what other apps can help keep your grammar and spelling on point, here are some Grammarly alternatives you can use.

Best 21 Grammarly Alternatives for Flawless Writing

What is the best alternative to Grammarly? We’ve looked at many grammar and spelling apps to find the top Grammarly alternatives based on features and pricing. Here are 21 of our picks (in no particular order).

1. Lightkey

Lightkey is an AI-powered real-time predictive typing, spelling and grammar correction software that has the ability to create personalized predictions based on the user's typing patterns and content theme. It offers inline text predictions in any Windows desktop application and supports as many as 85 languages. Lightkey's predictive text solution is based on the user's personal typing style. It can predict up to 12 words ahead, including punctuation marks.

This cool Grammarly alternative is easy to use and is suitable for all skill levels. It also supports a variety of applications, including MS Word, Outlook, and Powerpoint. If you need it online, this alternative to Grammarly can be integrated with WhatsApp Web, Gmail, LinkedIn, and many others.

Regardless if the user is a student or a professional, Lightkey delivers accurate and relevant text predictions from 68 content domains, allowing users to flawlessly craft emails, notes, essays, reports, academic papers, and many more. It also has specialized tools for typing professionals and people with disabilities. If you’re wondering: “What is a better alternative to Grammarly?”, Lightkey’s personalized prediction features could place it a step ahead.

Who Lightkey is suited for: Users of all skill levels (students, professionals, people with disabilities)

2. Ginger

Ginger is a writing app that works like Grammarly in that it's able to check spelling and grammar and has a sentence rephrasing capability. It has a text-to-speech feature that lets you listen to what you wrote as if a native English speaker said it, as well as a Translate feature that translates your content between 40 languages. If you need more help with improving your basic English skills, its Personal Trainer feature evaluates your weak points and provides custom lessons to improve your language skills.

Who Ginger is suited for: Basic English speakers and non-native English learners

3. ProWritingAid

ProWritingAid is another popular alternative to Grammarly that can provide real-time grammar, spelling, and readability checks in U.S. and British English. It is fairly easy to use and has extensions for all the major browsers. It also works with Gmail, MS Office, Google Docs, and WordPress. However, it doesn't offer a desktop app for users of its free service.

Who ProWritingAid is suited for: Students, professionals, and entrepreneurs

4. Hemingway

Hemingway is a great complement to Grammarly, and most professionals use both apps to improve and simplify their writing. This tool is hardly a grammar and spelling correction app BUT it checks for readability and flow. If you have found an efficient grammar checking app, like Grammarly, you'll do well to also have Hemingway to ensure all things are covered.

Who Hemingway is suited for: Bloggers, teachers, students, and professionals

5. PaperRater

PaperRater is a pretty straightforward grammar and spelling tool and plagiarism checker. There’s no need to download an app or install an extension. You can simply upload your file or copy and paste your content into a designated box on its website and it will provide an analysis within minutes and give a score based on your vocabulary. Most reviews online say it’s not as accurate as Grammarly, but it can be pretty useful if you only need basic checks.

Who PaperRater is suited for: Students and entrepreneurs

6. Linguix

Linguix is an AI-driven writing assistant that can fix punctuation, sentence structure, and grammar much like how Grammarly does it. It offers extensions for multiple browsers, though it does not have a downloadable app for PCs and mobile devices. However, because it is relatively low-cost, Linguix makes a practical Grammarly alternative if you're okay with just having web functionality. It also works on social media (Facebook and LinkedIn) and Google Docs.

Who Linguix is suited for: Professionals and business owners

7. Reverso

Reverso is mainly a translation tool, but it also has spelling and grammar checking features. Users can copy and paste content into the tool and have it translated into 15 languages, including U.S. and British English. What's nice about Reverso is that it's totally free to use, so those looking for a rather simple app that can perform standard grammar checks will find this useful. Be prepared to click popup ads along the way, though.

Who Reverso is suited for: Students and professionals

8. Jetpack