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Why Lightkey?!

Most of us think at an average rate of 2,000 words per minute, however when we transform these thoughts into written text our average typing rate is 40 words per minute. This is a huge gap, and sadly it has been the case for the past 150 years since the first typewriter was invented.

This gap takes its toll, on our Time – on average, we spend 30 work days a year typing; Trustworthiness8% of our keystrokes are mistyped; and Health - 67% of people using computer keyboards on a daily basis report at least ‘some’ wrist pain.

We decided to aim high and develop a technological solution that can minimize this gap and help us take control and focus on the essence rather than the tedious mechanics.

Our vision is to enable typing at the speed of mind, and essentially bridge the gap between thinking and typing. Our mission is to enable intelligent typing experience that seamlessly blends in any content creation process, whether it’s casual conversational or professional content.

Actually, the execution of our mission evolved into a solution that incorporates a huge gap in of itself, but this time a gap that works in (y)our favor. Leveraging super-deep state of the art technology to deliver a solution that feels so right it’s almost taken for granted. The holy grail for user-experience professionals.

Lightkey is now used by both professionals and laymen globally, supporting over 80 languages.

It’s time to take control over our time and leave the typing mechanics in the past.

Learn more about the highlights and cool new features of our latest edition and Download Lightkey.


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