How to Write a Book Fast: 9 Efficient Book-Writing Tips

Imagine you had to write a book in seven days. What is one thing you would do to write a book fast?

To help you write a book quickly, we asked writers and business professionals this question for their insights. From hiring freelance writers to creating an outline, there are several tips you can use to be more efficient with the book-writing process.

Here are nine tips and tricks you can use to be a more efficient writer:

  • Start With What You Know

  • Try Writing Sprints

  • Create an Outline

  • Take Out the Backspace Key

  • Disappear to a Peaceful Escape

  • Use Dictation for the First Draft

  • Begin With the Structure

  • Hire Freelance Writers

  • Cover In-Demand Industry Topics

Start With What You Know

If I had to write a book in seven days, I could definitely write a book about building a business. There are ways to incorporate the concept of building something as a metaphor, so the genre could possibly be flexible as well. You can take the building metaphor and work it into a book about building a house for children or something more new-age adult about an actual business for older individuals. The book would definitely need to have conflict in the plot that requires some sort of creative problem-solving. There is truly power in seeking out solutions and being creative that I would definitely want to keep as the focal point of my book.

Eric Blumenthal, ZoePrint

Try Writing Sprints

In my personal writing experience, working in 25-minute “sprints” has been an effective method for writing a book quickly. Set a timer for 25 minutes, hone all of your focus on writing your book for that set period and don’t stop typing until the timer goes off. This is a fun exercise because you can almost turn it into a challenge of how many words you can write during each sprint. Complete one writing sprint every hour during the day and take breaks in between to refresh your mind. Repeat the process every day until you’ve reached your desired word count, and voila! Happy writing!

Sophia Orlando, Markitors

Create an Outline

First, make a clear and concise outline of all of the topics and subtopics you want to write about, and in what order. If it's a work of fiction, you could outline the topics of the chapters and the plotlines within these chapters. You could take the first day to make this outline so that for the next six days, you would simply need to rely on the outline to fill in the content. Being organized can be really helpful in creating something quickly.

Chris Caouette, Gorilla Bow