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Is Grammarly Safe? What to Know Before You Download

is grammarly safe

Grammarly is an efficient editing and proofreading tool that can correct your spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors. Its premium version unlocks more useful features like rewrite suggestions for clarity and tone.

However, while many use it for personal and professional purposes, it is not without its share of risks. Because the app monitors a lot of what you write online, it's no surprise that users also question whether it's safe or not. This article discusses some hesitations that many users have had about Grammarly security issues.

is grammarly safe

Is Grammarly Safe?

Grammarly is an excellent tool, but it's not immune to security issues. Many have questions about how it handles users' personal information and content security in general. As with all online software, it's always worth knowing its security protocols and reading through the terms of service and privacy policy.

Grammarly is one such tool where you need to be extra meticulous with your data's safety because you are likely using it to improve all types of content, including the sensitive ones. In addition, having a free and paid version makes users wonder whether there's a difference between them in terms of security.

According to Grammarly’s privacy policy, the software automatically records users' log data, location details, cookies, device information, and usage information — which are pretty much standard with most online tools.

It does state, however, that it might use information for "legitimate business interests" to send direct marketing emails and promotions, create a more personalized experience, generate aggregate data on devices used to access it, and to provide details for its optional human-led proofreading service.

It also says it can disclose personal data to third-party entities to access its partner providers' business features, address security threats, fulfill legal obligations, and as part of a merger or reorganization.

is grammarly safe

Has It Ever Been Hacked?

In 2018, a vulnerability report revealed a security flaw in Grammarly's Firefox and Chrome browser extensions involving authentication tokens, which covered personal records. This left some 22 million accounts exposed to remote hackers. Simply put, it meant that any website a Grammarly user visited could access their authentication tokens and log into their accounts without them knowing.

The issue was resolved days after the report came out. Although no user data had been compromised, the incident prompted its developers to step up their game with regular security updates to keep the app itself and its browser extensions safe for users.

is grammarly safe

How Grammarly Stores Documents

Grammarly stores information locally on your device and then syncs this information with its U.S.-based cloud servers. However, although its privacy policy states that they use industry-standard encryption and will do their best to protect user data, these are not 100 percent guaranteed safe especially with internet transmissions, as stated:

"We cannot ensure the security of Information you transmit to us, including Personal Data and User Content; accordingly, you acknowledge that you do so at your own risk."

is grammarly safe

Access to Personal Information

Is Grammarly trustworthy? It seems so, given the number of highly satisfied users that continue to advocate its use.

However, in addition to the limitations that the provider itself owns up to, users must take the appropriate steps to ensure that all the devices used to access the software are secure. After all, users have willingly provided their payment information (for premium users) and contact details upon signup, so a significant level of vigilance also rests on the user's side.

Is There a Safer Alternative to Grammarly?

There is generally nothing alarming about using Grammarly to fix spelling errors, wordy sentences, and other grammar mistakes. Nonetheless, there are other safer alternatives to Grammarly you can consider. If you are still asking, “Is Grammarly safe?” and still hesitant to use it, take a look at the safer alternative below.

Lightkey is one such offline writing software that can perform many of the premium services that Grammarly provides. For one, Lightkey does not submit user content to the cloud. The user's documents and email address, as well as other typing data, are not kept in its servers.

The only data it collects are those needed to ensure a seamless experience: user identifiers, user-written feedback, installation errors, usage data, and user preferences and settings. Other information that it may obtain, with your permission, include your IP address, device ID, and operating system. If you wish to further protect your information, you can opt out of all data collection without affecting the user experience in Lightkey’s business edition. Credit card forms and password fields are fully encrypted.

Lightkey is a personalized, AI-powered text prediction software that needs to monitor your typing patterns and preferences while you use it in order to provide the best content outcomes. This is why its developers are extra strict about its security practices.

Visit the Lightkey website to learn more about our terms of service and privacy policies and download the desktop app to your Windows computer to explore its features for free.


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