The Best Productivity Software and Apps for Windows in 2021

productivity software for windows

As more companies embrace the new normal of working from anywhere but the office, staying efficient and productive has become extra challenging for teams. The need to stay on track is more obvious now than ever before, and the sales of productivity apps prove this shift.

According to research firm App Annie, mobile apps have seen a $2 billion surge in global sales across all sectors, with the biggest chunk going to business and communications, finance, and entertainment. The vast array of productivity tools that come up in searches shows a massive market for these software.

If you're a PC user and are looking for new productivity tools to help enhance your workflow, this guide is for you. Let's talk about some of the most popular software for Windows users in 2021 and highlight their key features and pricing information.

Best Productivity Software for Windows

The most downloaded productivity apps are focused on collaboration, efficiency, and security. With all eyes on the screen, even primarily entertainment-focused software like TikTok have been adopted as information-sharing channels to reach a wider audience. Windows users are fortunate to have a vast range of app options to make their work lives easier. Here are five of the best ones we've used.

1. Lightkey

Lightkey is a real-time text prediction and editing tool that helps you type faster and more efficiently by suggesting relevant words and phrases based on your typing patterns and content theme. This AI-powered software can predict as far as 12 words ahead, including punctuation marks, cutting your keyboard time significantly. Its machine learning capabilities allow Lightkey to develop the more you use it so that it can provide more accurate recommendations moving forward.

The software is designed for Windows users for now, but Mac users need not despair. If you have a virtual machine that runs Windows on your Apple computer, you can install Lightkey on the virtual machine to enjoy its features.



  • Real-time correction and text prediction

  • Integrates with MS Office, Google Chrome, and Microsoft Edge

  • Sound assistance for non-touch typists

  • Can import content and manage vocabulary

  • Access key productivity metrics and team analytics

  • Supports multiple languages

  • Supports Windows OS versions 7.8, 8.1, and 10


  • Lightkey is free for up to 1,000 predicted keystrokes per month

  • 1-Year license: $39.95 per year (Pro) and $59.95 per year (Business)

  • 1 Lifetime license: $169.95 (Pro) and $229.95 (Business)

2. Zoom