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Todoist Tips and Tricks for Productivity You Need to Know

todoist tips

Organization is an essential part of achieving peak productivity. For some, that means cluttering their desk with to-do lists. That's where Todoist comes in. Todoist is a to-do list app that organizes your collaborative work and personal tasks. The tool comes with task templates, priorities, labels for sorting projects, filters to define dates, and much more.

With so many features, you'll want to utilize every bit of this app. Keep reading to learn the top Todoist tips and tricks for increasing productivity and organizing your tasks.

Todoist Tips and Tricks

Try one (or all!) of all these Todoist tips and tricks for maximum productivity.

1. Integrate Email

This is one of the best productivity tips for increasing your workflow. You can use Todoist's email integration to turn emails into tasks. If someone emails you a request, simply forward it to Todoist with the appropriate labels to get it out of your inbox.

todoist tips

2. Stay Current

Todoist offers several widgets for staying current on your tasks. You can add widgets to Gmail, Outlook, or Outlook Web App to see your tasks on any browser. You can also use Todoist's mobile app for a quick glance at upcoming tasks and projects. We’ll discuss this mobile aspect a bit more later on.

3. Break Down Projects

If you have a complex project, one of the best productivity tips is to break it down into smaller pieces using labels and filters.

For example, you could create a project called "Blog Post" and assign it to the "Writing" label. Then, whenever you finish writing a blog post, simply change the label to "Published." This allows you to see what's completed and what remains without overwhelming yourself with massive projects.

4. Define Dates

If you're a heavy planner, you'll appreciate the "date" feature in Todoist. You can schedule tasks to display on your calendar or add due dates to help keep track of when something is due. Create recurring due dates so you never miss a deadline again.

todoist tips

5. Delegate Tasks

Todoist is one of the only task list apps to have true collaboration built-in. You can create a group with coworkers and assign tasks to each other, all from within the app. If your team doesn't use Todoist, you can still easily share a to-do list with them. Simply use the email invite feature and they'll receive a daily digest email of all your completed tasks.

6. Use Task Templates

You can use task templates to save time when creating tasks on the fly. This allows you to insert pre-made project titles, descriptions, labels, and more into your task. Task templates are especially useful for recurring tasks or projects that you use regularly.

7. Don’t Forget Favorites

The Favorites feature is a top priority for those overwhelmed with tasks. Favorite projects, labels, or filters that need to urgently remain in your visibility. You can quickly find your favorites on the side of your list and prioritize tasks accordingly.

8. Go Mobile

Todoist offers mobile apps for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. If you prefer to keep track of your tasks on the go, check out our mobile app. It's easy to swipe between projects or quickly see what needs to be done today when you're out of the office.

todoist tips

9. Check Your Karma

Another one of the best productivity tips is to check your Todoist Karma on a regular basis. This number tells you how productive you've been in the past week and even breaks it down by project. Receive award points for major task completion and level up as you use Todoist.

Bonus Tip: Integrate Text Prediction

The final Todoist tip is to utilize text prediction software to increase your productivity. Instead of spending precious time adding task descriptions or instructions, let an AI-powered text prediction software like Lightkey handle that. With the ability to predict up to 12 words, Lightkey uses your typing patterns and themes to complete thoughts for you. You’ll have more time to focus on checking off that growing to-do list with Lightkey’s ability to boost your typing speed.

Boost Productivity with Lightkey

Todoist is an exceptional tool for organizing your work and personal tasks in one place. Whether it's creating labels, sharing projects, or using smart templates, the possibilities are endless when you have this tool by your side. With these Todoist tips and tricks in mind, you’ll have no problem staying organized and getting your work done.

Don’t just rely on these Todoist tips and tricks to increase your productivity. Lightkey has the ability to integrate with other productivity tools, like Slack and Asana, to make your workdays a little easier. Improve collaboration and complete tasks a little quicker with Lightkey’s integrations.

Try the free version of Lightkey today to see how you can improve your productivity and check off that to-do list!


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