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Type at the Speed of Your Mind - The Story Behind Lightkey's Birth

Type at the Speed of Your Mind - The Story Behind Lightkey's Birth - Lightkey is a free predictive typing / text prediction / auto-complete / word prediction / spelling correction desktop application for Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, Gmail, WhatsApp Web and more in Microsoft Windows, supporting more than 80 prediction languages.

The story of Lightkey began in 2012, as I moved from a software development position to a management position.

As a software engineer I had a great time being surrounded by great productivity tools that allowed me to quickly transform my ideas and thoughts into actual products. However, becoming a manager I quickly came to understand that instead of writing effective code, a shift is required towards effective communication. Documents, presentations and emails as means for conveying ideas, plans and decisions became an important part of my job. As a result, I found myself at the end of each day stuck at the office typing endlessly until both the keyboard and I decided to call it a day.

At some point I started wondering whether I’m missing something; Is it normal to spend so much time on typing? Am I missing out tools that can boost my typing and get me home earlier? I was very optimistic when I started the first Google search looking for the optimal typing assistance productivity tool. Unfortunately I haven’t found any relevant solutions…

So what do you do when you can’t find a proper solution? I decided create one…

A few years later, Lightkey turned from a small side project into a real mission; A mission to make the typing experience much more productive than what most of us have learned to accept. A mission which is a paradigm shift – from typing every character of every word manually (as we have been doing for the past 150 years) – to typing closer to the speed of our mind. A mission to make typing more friendly and fun as I feel right now typing these very words using Lightkey.

Happy Lightkeying,

Guy Katabi


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