7 Ways to Add Intelligence to Your Everyday Typing

Last Updated: 30/07/2020

Here are the top 7 features that will boost your typing experience.

#1 – Single & Multi-Word Prediction

Lightkey incorporates deep learning capabilities and thus it learns your typing patterns and offers only the most relevant suggestion. Lightkey’s single suggestions is presented on the screen inline as a natural extension of your text.

One of the most significant improvements in our latest version of Lightkey, is in its multi-word prediction capabilities, allowing prediction of up to 12 words ahead, including punctuation marks.

Single word prediction

Multi-word prediction

#2 - Proactive Spelling Correction

We’re all familiar with the red underline mark calling us to review and correct a misspelled word. We usually go back and either retype or consider the alternatives suggested in the drop-down menu. I don’t have time for this. Do you?!

Lightkey’s proactive spelling feature eliminates this hefty and sometimes costly process, as it offers you only the single correct suggestion, even if you misspelled it. And this works not only for simple typos but also when you need to type your nemesis word. That one you never get right…

The experience somewhat resembles typing a query in search engines, knowing that it almost doesn’t matter how many characters you miss – similar to Lightkey, the engine ‘feels’ you.

#3 – Lightkey Anywhere

By far Lightkey’s biggest challenge to-date is finally solved, as Lightkey’s predictions and spelling corrections are now available in any text field and any desktop application.

Using the Alt key + mouse click combination in any editable text field will summon a flexible window wherein Lightkey's suggestions natively show as you type. Once typing is completed, simply hit Enter and your text shows up in the chosen destination field.

Moreover, Lightkey Anywhere remembers your favorite applications and will auto-activate itself when used in same text fields. In other words, when using a chat window for example, you only need to summon it once, and thereafter it will be there automatically, relieving you from the need to trigger it with the Alt + mouse click combination.

It’s also possible to edit existing text – pressing Alt + Shift + mouse Click inside an existing paragraph will enter a new row wherein you can add your text.

Learn more about Lightkey Anywhere in our recent blog post

#4 - Proactive Grammar Correction

This is probably the most significant feature introduced in our latest release, where for the first time Lightkey was able to help users avoid common grammar errors proactively, before and/ or while they type. In other words, Lightkey will offer more relevant and precise predictions and spelling corrections based on a deeper grammar-oriented understanding of your content.

Due to the nature of Lightkey’s proactive approach, it can only address ‘real-time’ grammar; i.e. grammar errors that can be either prevented or identified and flagged before typing your next word, as opposed to errors that can only be identified as such at a later stage or once the phrase is completed.

Learn more about proactive grammar in our recently published dedicated post.

*Proactive grammar is currently available only in English.

#5 – Import Content

With Lightkey’s latest edition you can now import your own content and create your own customized categories. Lightkey’s prediction engine will incorporate these categories' content to deliver a highly personalized prediction experience starting from day 1.

Learn how to create custom categories in our recently published guide

#6 – Mathematical Calculations Prediction

We’re all aware of the general differentiation between word processors designed for creating textual content and spreadsheet tools designed for various mathematical functionalities and calculations. However, we all sometimes mix them when necessary, i.e., type mathematical expressions in text editors or include textual content in spreadsheets.

One of the neater (and somewhat hidden) features is Lightkey’s ability to offer predictions for mathematical calculations. In other words, similar to the spreadsheet functionality that enables auto-calculation of certain inputs, Lightkey is able to identify basic mathematical expressions and offer the calculated result, presented as a prediction relieving from the need to use a different application to verify the equation.

#7 - ‘Wishful TAB’

This cool feature lets you extend Lightkey’s prediction boundaries by asking Lightkey to offer predictions even before it presents them on the screen. We call it ‘wishful TAB’ 😊

As your interaction with Lightkey becomes more fluent you’ll gradually feel more confident in Lightkey’s ability to offer you the right predictions. Behind the scenes, this feeling is actually a result of Lightkey's adaptation to your typing patterns.

When reaching such level of confidence, you are welcome to type and hit the TAB key even before Lightkey presents any prediction on the screen; Lightkey will recognize your TAB keystroke as a “suggestion request” and present its best possible prediction match. Hitting the TAB key again will select the suggested prediction.

Next… special features for your workplace available only with Lightkey for Business

Offering an intelligent typing experience has to do with adapting to the user typing patterns. In order to optimize the process, we developed our solution and optimized it for an individual user. However, when looking at that individual user as part of a group, and that group as a part of an organization, we see a great opportunity to enhance the user’s own experience while creating significant value to the organization as a whole.

The key is to use the power of collective wisdom.

Lightkey for Business enables its users to benefit from multiple layers of intelligence combined together, utilizing both his personal typing patterns and patters of colleagues typing on similar topics, and/ or using the organization's cultural jargon.

Our clients using Lightkey for Business report exceptional user experience and essentially strengthen results that came up in tests conducted in our prediction lab we, demonstrating significant improvement in accuracy, coverage and overall typing experience.

In addition, Lightkey’s enterprise edition includes a specially designed UI functionality dedicated to incentivize and spread productivity improvement across the organization, based on users’ metrics. Additional meta-data collected by Lightkey can be available for managers for ROI and feedback purposes.

Enhancing the organization’s productivity by using its collective wisdom is not our destination, but rather a milestone on our road-map. This technology opens the door to very exciting opportunities in organizational productivity that have the potential to solve some of today’s greatest corporate challenges by minimizing redundancy, improving knowledge retention and enabling smarter proactive collaboration.

Lightkey for Business is a subscription-based service. Contact us today to start your free trial.

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