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21 Zendesk Integrations to Catapult Productivity in 2021

zendesk integrations

Zendesk is a cloud-based customer service software that enables users to manage customer needs through a wide range of channels, including phone, email, text, mobile, social media, and live chat. Aside from its impressive help desk features, what makes Zendesk stand out is its ability to integrate with hundreds of third-party applications. This makes app adoption easy for users as there's no need to relearn an entire system.

zendesk integrations

This article features some of the best Zendesk integrations to help enhance efficiency and experience.

21 Free ZenDesk Integrations to Enhance Productivity

There are hundreds of apps that ZenDesk integrates with, which is why this customer service tool is a favorite among those looking for powerful customer relationship management (CRM) tools. We list 21 of the best ZenDesk integrations and their key features.

1. Lightkey

zendesk integrations

Lightkey is a real-time text prediction software that helps enhance typing speed, spelling, and accuracy with the ability to predict up to 12 words ahead, including punctuations. Powered by artificial intelligence, the software learns the user's typing patterns and common themes so that it can recommend more personalized words as you type. In this way, users no longer have to keep adjusting the settings to suit their content requirements.

The more you use Lightkey, the better it understands how and what you usually type to shorten your usage time and increase word accuracy even more. Integration with Zendesk is also automatic (unlike most apps that require deliberate integrations), meaning you don’t need a specific connection with the software to use Lightkey’s nifty features. You can cut typing time significantly, so you can focus on taking care of your customers.

2. Salesforce

zendesk integrations

Integrating Zendesk with your Salesforce account allows the former's tickets to be viewed in the latter, building enhanced collaboration between support and sales teams. You can also create and modify Zendesk tickets from Salesforce and then sync data for better organization.

3. Google Meet

zendesk integrations

Setting up Zendesk with Google Meet allows team members to send instant messages (via Google Hangouts Meet) or immediately hold video calls with other users within the network. No need to wait on email replies.

4. Slack

zendesk integrations

Help your team work faster and get better coordinated on tasks by adding a Slack integration to your Zendesk account. With Slack, you can also create a ticket for Zendesk support and receive alerts when a task has been completed.

5. Mailchimp

zendesk integrations

Using Mailchimp with Zendesk, you can blast out email campaigns to a targeted list of recipients from your Zendesk account, as well as communicate and follow up with customers and leads. You can track customer interactions on both accounts in one place.

6. HubSpot

zendesk integrations

You can sync all your contacts on both accounts, allowing you to send updates and create tickets from whichever app you are currently in. Having Hubspot on your Zendesk account also lets you view ticket information, as well as create new customer lists based on ticket tags.

7. PayPal

zendesk integrations

You can accept PayPal payments via your Zendesk account, alongside checks, wire transfers, and credit cards. Sales persons using Zendesk can easily close deals with a handy link to PayPal.

8. GetResponse

zendesk integrations

Link your entire GetResponse email marketing platform via a Zendesk integration, which allows you to connect with your clients faster and more efficiently. You can also seamlessly automate the management of users, agents, and tickets.

9. Instagram

zendesk integrations

By connecting Zendesk to your Instagram account, you can receive and reply to messages and comments on your posts using the former. You can also automatically publish posts based on Zendesk triggers.

10. Microsoft Teams

zendesk integrations

Integrating Microsoft Teams with Zendesk makes monitoring, prioritizing, and solving customer support tickets faster and easier. You can also add a ticket in the team channel or send a ticket to be displayed in Zendesk.

11. Facebook Pages

zendesk integrations

Never have to miss a reply or comment on your Facebook account by integrating it with Zendesk. You can keep track of page reviews, comments, and other activity on your business page, as well as automatically view photos and videos.

12. Stripe

zendesk integrations

Allow your agents and sales personnel to see and manage subscriptions, payments, customers, and invoices in your Stripe account using Zendesk. You can also customize triggers and actions, like when somebody completes a payment, to send alerts.

13. QuickBooks Online

zendesk integrations

Sync your QuickBooks Online organizations, users, and tickets with Zendesk seamlessly, so you can track customers and invoices with ease. You can also create tickets based on financial transactions and automatically process payments.

14. ManyChat

zendesk integrations

Automate your agents, tickets, and users by integrating ManyChat with Zendesk. This will enable users to more efficiently gather leads, create automated email triggers, and set up chatbot responses.

15. Marketo

zendesk integrations

Unify your marketing automation and customer support platforms by integrating Zendesk and Marketo. This allows users to create and address tickets and resolve more issues faster and more efficiently.

16. FreshBooks

zendesk integrations

Zendesk integrates with FreshBooks to help simplify the recording and billing process for business users. It also enables users to track time spent on Zendesk support tasks.

17. Discord

zendesk integrations

Create a private connection between Zendesk's ticketing system and Discord to create a smoother workflow and enhanced customer experience. You can install a Support Bot to your Discord server so that users can easily ask for help.

18. Xero

zendesk integrations

This free Zendesk integration lets users improve their workflow and is especially popular among those who need to onboard new team members. You can also generate invoices and process payments through this integration.

19. Etsy

zendesk integrations

Integrating Etsy with Zendesk lets you manage tickets, users, and agents in the latter. This integration also enables you to sync customer data and automate the entire order processing system.

20. Google Drive

zendesk integrations

This Zendesk integration allows you to access all the stored files and folders in GDrive to provide more details to your support tickets. Sales teams can also easily retrieve sales decks and presentations from within the Zendesk app.

21. Shopify

zendesk integrations

Enhance your store activities by integrating customer support activities with your Zendesk account. In this way, you can see and reply to customer queries more easily to speed up ticket resolution times.

Enhance Customer Support With Lightkey

As your business grows, you will need the extra help to manage your inventory and handle customer requests and inquiries. Finding the best Zendesk integrations will help optimize this tool and highlight all the nifty features that are relevant to you. Lightkey integrates with Zendesk automatically and so seamlessly that you don’t need to take additional steps to enjoy its features. With its ability to simplify and shorten your typing time, you can spend less time on your keyboard and devote more of your energy towards making customers happy.

Learn more about Lightkey through its free version, or head on straight to its paid app to access everything it has to offer.


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