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21 Asana Integrations to Increase Productivity in 2021

asana integrations

Asana is a cloud-based project management software designed to help teams manage and track their tasks from wherever they are. Available as a desktop and mobile app, it enables users to set individual tasks, monitor the projects' progress, plan sprints, prepare performance reports, and more. Asana has a free version that can accommodate small teams of up to 15 persons, while larger groups can take advantage of its features by subscribing to paid plans priced upwards of $13.49 per month.

Aside from its user-friendly interface and straightforward features, Asana's ability to integrate with hundreds of third-party apps makes it a crowd favorite. Here are some of the best Asana integrations to make your experience more productive and seamless.

asana integrations

21 Free Asana Integrations To Boost Productivity

There are hundreds of Asana integrations available to elevate how you use this project management software. We list 21 of the best Asana integrations and their notable features.

1. Lightkey

asana integrations

Type faster and more accurately by integrating the real-time text prediction software Lightkey to your Asana account. Lightkey is powered by artificial intelligence and is designed to predict words and punctuation marks by as many as 12 words ahead. It works as you type, studying your writing patterns the more frequently you use it so that it gives the most relevant and personalized suggestions. You won't need to keep updating your settings. Its spelling correction tool also works in real time, enabling you to continue typing and maintain your speed.

Lightkey is one of the best free Asana integrations because the connection is seamless. Windows users only need to install the software to their devices. Lightkey offers a plug and play experience so you can focus on getting your tasks done.

2. Slack

asana integrations

Keep your team in sync and able to ask urgent questions by integrating Slack to your Asana account. Slack users can also get updates as a task is moved from one stage to another on Asana without having to visit their project dashboards.

3. Google Calendar

asana integrations

You can sync your Asana tasks and note them as events in your Google Calendar, along with all the important details you want to see. In this way, you don't have to go back and forth to check your deadlines. You can also sync your entire Google Suite apps with Asana.

4. Zapier

asana integrations

Integrating Zapier allows you to connect Asana with almost any app you want — no code necessary. Zapier lets you move information between Asana and any other web app automatically.

5. Canva

asana integrations

Bring your Asana projects to life by integrating Canva with your Asana account. Use this design tool to ramp up your social media assets, presentation decks and more, and then consolidate all these in one place where you can easily collaborate with other team members.

6. Salesforce

asana integrations

Connecting your Salesforce account with Asana enables all members of your team to view the status of client deals and customer relationships at any stage in the pipeline. This helps prevent miscommunication, identify accountabilities, and eliminate ad hoc requests and redundant conversations.

7. Zoho CRM

asana integrations

Set up Asana tasks for contacts and leads in Zoho CRM and then assign someone to be responsible for them. You can also build templates to link Zoho CRM modules with Asana tasks.

8. Zenefits

asana integrations

Automatically create tasks in Asana based on action triggers on Zenefits so everyone on the team can view tasks that must be done next. For example, from Zenefits, you can add or remove Asana accounts after hiring or termination without leaving the app.

9. Mailchimp

asana integrations

Monitor your Mailchimp email campaigns through your Asana account by setting up triggers, as well as communicate with other team members. You can also automatically set Asana tasks for new subscribers.

10. Jira

asana integrations

Build transparency between technical and business teams by linking your Jira and Asana accounts. This Asana integration enables users to collaborate seamlessly with tech and engineering teams who work in Jira, so no time is wasted waiting on status updates between the two departments.

11. Zoom

asana integrations

Never miss Zoom meetings and stay updated with team goals by integrating your Zoom account with Asana. Zoom calls can be set up in Asana, where meeting agenda and other information can be indicated prior to a call and members can continue to provide feedback and discuss after. Meeting transcripts and recordings from Zoom can be moved to Asana so teams can collaborate as needed.

12. Hubspot

asana integrations

Sync all contacts on both Hubspot and Asana so you can create tickets and monitor updates from whichever app you are in. With this Asana integration, you can automatically create follow-up tasks in the tool whenever a deal or ticket is completed in Hubspot.

13. Adobe Creative Cloud

asana integrations

With an Adobe Creative Cloud for Asana integration, creative teams can easily access the information they need to start a project or give feedback on products without having to leave the Adobe platform. Users can see all tasks assigned to them on Asana, create subtasks, and deliver assets without switching tools.

14. Campaign Monitor

asana integrations

Campaign Monitor is an email campaign software that helps you get new leads and strengthen relationships with existing customers. Integrating it with Asana enables you to monitor the status of subscribers better. You can set triggers that will send alerts to Asana every time a new subscriber joins or any specific action within a campaign.

15. Microsoft Teams

asana integrations

This free Asana integration lets you track, prioritize, and solve customer support requests and tickets easier. From within Microsoft Teams, you can share Asana tasks, status updates, and portfolios. You can also sync Teams with Asana and add projects as needed.

16. Loom

asana integrations

Bring your Asana projects to life by embedding Loom videos into tasks, projects, or portfolios. Loom makes it easy for users to send messages and explain projects using the power of video. You can record your voice, face, and entire screen so you spend less time composing lengthy text. Your team can view the videos from Asana without having to leave the platform.

17. Trello

asana integrations

Automatically sync your Trello tasks, cards, projects, boards, conversations, and even custom fields with your Asana account. In this way, you can access your work without needing to constantly switch from one app to another.

18. Jotform

asana integrations

Jotform is an app that lets you create and publish online forms. With an Asana integration, you can automatically monitor and manage the requests collected from your forms, whether it's for support requests, job applications, or client orders.

19. Toggl

asana integrations

This one-way Asana integration enables you to import Asana users and projects to Toggl, a time tracking and reporting software. This enables users to track their time in Asana and comes with tracking reminders, idle detection, and more.

20. Tableau

asana integrations

Build and customize dashboards on Tableau based on Asana inputs so you can get real-time insights into workflows and projects. This enables you to monitor and obtain insights on projects and goals, as well as quickly identify bottlenecks. This integration is available to Tableau account holders who also have an Asana Business or Enterprise subscription.

21. Zendesk

asana integrations

Automatically create tasks in Asana based on the tickets your team receives on Zendesk. You can attach files, add more details, and link existing projects to monitor all the things needed before a ticket can be closed. This will keep everybody on the team updated, eliminating the need to keep asking for updates.

Support Team Productivity with Lightkey

As your team's needs grow, you need the help of an efficient project management tool that will keep projects on track and to-do lists accomplished. Companies and organizations appreciate the task- and project-level monitoring capabilities that Asana offers as it ensures that everyone concerned with stakes on a project knows where it is at any stage. With that said, finding the best Asana integrations that satisfy your team's needs is essential to ensuring a smooth workflow.

Lightkey makes things easy for Asana users who don't have much time to spend worrying about what to type in, if the words are spelled correctly, and if the text is grammatically correct. With its ability to shorten your typing time, you can devote more of your precious energy toward keeping your team productive and on schedule.

Find out more about Lightkey by downloading the Lightkey free version, or go straight to its premium paid software to take advantage of all the nifty features that it has to offer.


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