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7 Best Salesforce Tips for Heightened Productivity in 2021

salesforce tips

Businesses use Salesforce to simplify and automate some of their customer management activities so that sales specialists can focus on the more human-intensive planning initiatives.

As one of the leading customer relationship management (CRM) software, Salesforce is used across industries and departments, covering marketing, commerce, service, sales, IT, and more. The software has many nifty features that can streamline your processes.

Here are seven of the best Salesforce tips and tricks to bolster your team's productivity.

Top Salesforce Productivity Tips and Tricks

salesforce tips

Salesforce is one of the top choices among businesses looking to invest in software that will help boost efficiency among teams. Here are seven Salesforce tricks to make the user experience even better.

1. Set up Kanban view.

The Kanban or tiled view offers a pleasant visual of your tasks grouped together in various stages. It provides you with an at-a-glance perspective of what's incoming, ongoing, and done, depending on how you organized your fields.

You can also group your to-dos in terms of Warm Leads, Hot Leads, Opportunities, Customers, and more. To set this up, start with your List View, then select Kanban Settings to convert your list into a beautiful pictorial representation of your records.

2. Take advantage of browser extensions.

One of the best Salesforce tips we've discovered is using Chrome extensions. This allows you to use the software's key features while browsing, without having to open the standalone app.

Salesforce has a plethora of extensions, but the most popular are are Salesforce Inspector (for adding a metadata layout above the standard user interface), Salesforce Organizer (for building personal ORG's to manage special links and account details), and Salesforce Navigator (to effortlessly access any of the Salesforce pages that you need).

3. Learn the basics about Salesforce.

You don't have to master all of Salesforce's features right away. If you are new to Salesforce, you can set yourself up for productivity success by taking advantage of its learning platform called Salesforce Trailhead. This tool will teach you all about the different cloud functionalities and standard features that will jumpstart you and your team's processes.

4. Customize the navigation bar.

You can choose which icons and tools are displayed on your Salesforce navigation bar to reflect only those functions that you use the most. You can rename the bar, reorder the items, and pin records and list views for quicker access.

5. Use the Favorites feature.

It sounds really simplistic but this Salesforce productivity tip is often overlooked. A lot of users forget that there is a Favorites icon (that little star icon next to the profile picture). Having all your favorite pages and functionalities accessible with just one or two clicks can easily cut your work time significantly.

6. Use integrations.

Salesforce integrates with many of the software that you might already be using, allowing you to access key functionalities without having to hop in and out of different apps. Its integration with real-time text prediction software Lightkey, for example, helps shorten typing time in any of Salesforce's fields as it can predict up to 12 words ahead, including punctuations.

Typing in account details and creating presentations can be a drag, especially if you do it repeatedly. Lightkey integrated with Salesforce is one Salesforce productivity tip that can make typing faster and more efficient.

7. Create records fast with Global Actions.

Global Actions is another helpful icon (the plus sign found beside Favorites) that allows you to access and create records with just a few clicks. Clicking the icon will present a standard list of your most-used objects but you can also add custom buttons if you need access to other functionalities.

Hopefully, these Salesforce tips and tricks will accelerate your productivity and make processes smoother. Read on to learn more about LightKey’s benefits for your team when integrated with Salesforce.

Optimize Salesforce Usage With Lightkey

salesforce tips

Integrating Salesforce with Lightkey not only enhances your typing and writing experience, it also helps boost your speed and productivity significantly. Using machine learning technology, Lightkey grows with you the more you use the tool. The more you type, the better the software understands your patterns and content themes, enabling it to recommend more relevant and targeted word suggestions going forward.

In a fast-paced and highly dynamic sales environment, merging two powerful tools such as Salesforce and Lightkey can bring many benefits to your team. Get started exploring Lightkey by downloading its free version today.


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