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Best 2021 Trello Integrations for Increased Productivity

trello integrations

2021 is the year of remote work. The work-from-home format has taken over the workforce, leaving business owners in search of tools that increase collaboration and productivity. Project management systems are one key solution to this need. Trello is a project management system that allows teams to reach peak productivity right from home. In addition to its extensive list of useful features, Trello offers integrations to make your workdays as productive and collaborative as possible. Read on to learn more about the 11 best Trello integrations and how you can use them today.

11 Best Trello Integrations for Productivity

Trello offers an extensive list of integrations to browse from. From communication to time tracking, there’s an integration for every need. Check out the best Trello integrations for productivity and why you should add these to your Trello roster today.

1. Lightkey

Writing has never been easier with this outstanding Trello integration. Lightkey is a real-time text prediction software powered by artificial intelligence. It has the ability to predict up to 12 words ahead based on the user’s common typing patterns.

Keep using Lightkey to improve accuracy and increase productivity. Focus on larger-scale tasks and project completion instead of typing up reports, creating content, producing presentations, and more with this Trello integration.

2. Bitbucket

At first glance, BitBucket and Trello may seem like the least intuitive pairing. However, a closer look at their respective features proves otherwise. Trello offers a way to turn your tasks into actionable items with checklists, labels, deadlines, and comment sections.

BitBucket makes it easy to track revisions from any linked source, such as a new branch. This allows you to see exactly what changed and when it changed, making it easy to maintain software and site integrity down the line.

The best part about this integration is that Trello and BitBucket play well together in more ways than one. You can either access BitBucket directly from Trello or add Trello to BitBucket. You can even add Trello cards directly into Trello from BitBucket.

3. Slack

Slack is a Trello integration that lets you stay up-to-date on Trello, no matter where you are. This integration delivers Trello notifications directly into your Slack channels. You’ll never miss important Trello updates or conversations, even if you left Trello behind for the day.

In addition to Trello updates, the Slack integration lets you chat directly with users in Trello channels or in specific projects. You can also use comments within Slack to tie Trello updates into your other conversations.

With this straightforward Trello integration, you’ll never miss a beat!

4. Mailchimp

This Trello integration allows you to keep Trello cards updated with subscriber information as new subscribers are added to your mailing lists. It also allows Trello users to contact Mailchimp list members directly from Trello, which comes in handy when you want to update your team about important people or Trello cards.

Additionally, you can create and track your Mailchimp campaign in one convenient location. Upload your campaign to Trello and manage tasks, collaborate with team members, and share information on one platform.

trello integrations

5. Zendesk

Zendesk is an app that manages customer relationships and provides support teams with information about their customers’ needs. By integrating Trello and Zendesk, you can share cards right into the Zendesk platform. This is especially helpful if your Trello board is project-based and you want your customer support team to work directly in Trello.

With free Trello integrations like this one, all of your Trello updates are available in one place. You can optimize Trello-based customer support. Attach Zendesk tickets directly to your Trello cards to manage projects and gain optimum visibility.

6. Toggl

Want to know how much time you spend on Trello-related tasks? The Toggl Trello integration can help!

Choosing this Trello integration allows you to track time with Trello cards. See how much time you spend per task right in Trello with this useful integration. This integration allows you to identify bottlenecks and brainstorm solutions to speed up task completion and increase productivity.

7. Evernote

Sometimes you simply need to get an idea onto paper (or virtual note!) before you lose it. If this happens to you often, Evernote is the Trello integration for you. Attach existing notes to Trello cards and share ideas quickly. These notes can assist in creating content, collaborating clearly, formulating new project ideas, and more.

trello integrations

8. Zapier

Zapier is a Trello integration that lets Trello users connect other apps like Salesforce, BitBucket, Slack, Gmail, and hundreds of others. You’ll have the opportunity to build out Trello cards from Google Calendar events, data in Google Sheets, and messages in Slack.

9. Jira

Streamlined collaboration is essential to increasing productivity. The Jira Trello integration allows you to do just that. As Jira issues arise, you can link them directly to Trello cards to connect workspaces together. You’ll also see real-time Jira issue progress by tracking Trello cards and monitoring when they move into the completion stage.

10. Google Drive

Have you ever needed to share an entire folder with a colleague? If so, the Google Drive Trello integration is for you.

Share documents, files, spreadsheets, or entire folders from your Google Drive with team members using this Trello integration tool. Your colleagues will be able to see these as an attachment on a Trello card and easily access the information they need.

11. YoCoBoard

YoCoBoard is another time-tracking Trello integration tool. This integration is a must-have for productivity tracking. Your team members will be able to clock in and out of work right in Trello using YoCoBoard. Instead of tracking each task, it tracks the amount of time your team spends in Trello. Receive real-time reports on hours and see where tasks are taking too much time.

trello integrations

Improve Productivity With Lightkey

The best Trello integrations can help you speed up your task completion time and create a productive team of collaborative individuals. As you prepare to select the right Trello integrations for your team, consider your business needs and what bottlenecks already exist, such as typing.

Believe it or not, typing can be a time-consuming task that slows down productivity. Luckily, Lightkey is here to boost typing speed and bring your productivity level back up to standard. Shorten your typing time and focus your attention on driving results and fostering client relationships.

Learn more about how Lightkey can increase your productivity and make task completion easier with our free version.


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