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Slack vs. Asana: Features, Pricing, and Integrations

slack vs asana

As a business, finding the right productivity software is essential to streamlining business processes. Slack and Asana are two tools that many small-to-medium businesses utilize to promote employee communication and keep work processes organized. This Slack vs. Asana comparison will help you decide which program is best for your organization’s needs.

We will take a look at the unique features of Asana vs. Slack along with the pricing, benefits, and integrations. Read on to learn more about the differences between these two productivity tools.

Slack vs. Asana Pricing

Cost is an important factor to take into consideration when deciding if Asana or Slack is the right tool for your organization. You want a tool to help with project management and communication that is within your allotted budget. Below are the pricing tables for both tools.

Slack Pricing





$8 (per user)

$15 (per user)

Annual Pricing ($/Month, Billed Yearly)


$6.67 (per user)

$12.50 (per user)

Communication With Outside Organizations




Message History

Access to teams’ 10,000 most recent messages

Access to full message history

Access to full message history

Asana Pricing





$13.49 (per user)

$30.49 (per user)

Annual Pricing ($/Month, Billed Yearly)


$10.99 (per user)

$24.99 (per user)

Project Views

​3 project views

4 project views

4 project views, Portfolios, & Goals


Security essentials

  • 15 user limit

  • 2FA

  • Google SSO

  • SOC 2 Type II compliance

Scaled security

  • no user limit

  • unlimited free guests

  • admin console

  • private projects

Scaled security

  • no user limit

  • unlimited free guests

  • admin console

  • private projects


Basic workflows

Automated workflows

  • preset rules, with unlimited actions, forms, and custom templates

Advanced workflows

  • unlimited custom rules and dynamic forms

slack vs asana

Slack vs. Asana Features

Both Slack and Asana offer a host of features for improved workflow for businesses, especially when working from home. We will list the different features each software has so you can determine which one is a better fit for your organization.

While it can be used for some workflow management, Slack is primarily for company-wide, small group, or 1:1 communication. Asana is a project management software employees can use to build workflows and streamline tasks. Below is a more comprehensive view of Slack vs. Asana features.

  • Android and iOS mobile app

  • Public channels, private channels, and Slack Connect channels (for communication with outside organizations)

  • Searchable message archives

  • Video conferencing capabilities including screen share

  • Accessibility features for visual control, animation preferences, and keyboard accessibility

  • Integration with over 2,200 apps

  • File sharing and automated workflow builder

  • Privacy and security: SOC 2 Type II, SOC 3, ISO/IEC 27001, and more

  • Unlimited project management tools: projects, tasks, comments, activity logs, storage, assignees, due dates, messages, etc.

  • Android and iOS mobile app

  • Views: Board, List, Timeline, Calendar, Portfolios, and Goals

  • 100+ integrations

  • Reporting capabilities: PDF and CSV export, charts customization and library, status updates

  • Privacy and security: SOC 2 Type II, 2FA, Google SSO, private teams and projects, unlimited free guests, etc.

Slack vs. Asana Integrations

Both Slack and Asana have impressive integration lineups, making them popular choices among companies. As a business, you may be using many different productivity applications and ensuring they can be integrated with one another makes workflows simpler.

Here are just some of the many integrations that Slack and Asana offer users.

Slack Integrations

  • Dropbox

  • Lightkey

  • OneDrive

  • Google Drive

  • Trello

  • Google Calendar

  • Simple Poll

  • Officevibe

  • Miro

  • Asana

  • Jira


  • Notion

  • Todoist

  • Evernote

  • Airtable

  • Adobe Creative Cloud

  • And more apps

Asana Integrations

  • Microsoft Teams

  • Adobe Creative Cloud

  • Lightkey

  • Jira

  • Slack

  • Flock

  • Harvest

  • Project Buddy

  • Zendesk

  • HappyFox

  • Hubspot

  • Gmail

  • Google Calendar

  • Outlook

  • Google Drive

  • Vimeo

  • Salesforce

  • And other apps

Visit the Slack and Asana websites for additional information regarding integrations and product details.

slack vs asana

Asana vs. Slack: Which Is Better?

So, from a business perspective, which application is better? The truth is, Slack and Asana are very different from each other, so they can effectively be used together. Having the right productivity tools can make a huge impact on the amount of work employees can complete each day. Both Slack and Asana offer integration into many applications to make work processes as efficient as possible.

For example, they both integrate with the real-time predictive text software Lightkey. Lightkey helps boost typing speed by suggesting relevant words and phrases based on your typing patterns and content theme. In fact, Lightkey can predict up to 12 words ahead, including punctuation marks.

The software can make writing presentations simple and improve your business writing skills overall. Download the free version of Lightkey today to explore its features and see how it integrates seamlessly with Slack and Asana.


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