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Basecamp vs. Asana: Features, Pricing, and Integrations

basecamp vs asana

Businesses are constantly looking for new ways to increase productivity, especially when working in a remote environment. One such way is through project management software. From Basecamp to Asana to Trello, these tools are created with businesses in mind. Each one offers unique features and integrations that assist companies without breaking the bank.

Project management software is widely available. That’s what makes choosing between different platforms so difficult. There are a handful of factors to consider when choosing between software, and it can be challenging to know which one is just right for your business. To make your choice a bit easier, we’ve broken down a few key differences between Basecamp and Asana. Read on to learn more about the pricing, features, and integrations that make these project management software options stand out.

Basecamp vs. Asana Pricing

basecamp vs asana

Cost can play a major role when choosing between Basecamp vs. Asana. You’ll want to choose software that is both beneficial to your team and cost-efficient. Set an allotted budget and review the following pricing table to determine which software is best.

Basecamp Pricing





Annual Pricing



User Limit


20 users

Project Limit


3 Projects

Storage Space



Asana Pricing





$13.49 (per user)

$30.49 (per user)

Annual Pricing ($/Month, Billed Yearly)


$10.99 (per user)

$24.99 (per user)

Project Views

3 project views

4 project views

4 project views, Portfolios, & Goals


Security essentials

-15 user limit


-Google SSO

-SOC 2 Type II compliance

Scaled security

-no user limit

-unlimited free guests

-admin console

-private projects

Scaled security

-no user limit

-unlimited free guests

-admin console

-private projects


Basic workflows

Automated workflows -preset rules, with unlimited actions, forms, and custom templates

Advanced workflows

-unlimited custom rules and dynamic forms

Basecamp vs. Asana Features

The next factor to consider is features. Your chosen software should include key features that will boost your productivity and assist with collaboration. Consider your business needs and evaluate the following Basecamp and Asana features to determine which matches.

  • iOS, Android, Mac, and PC apps

  • To-do lists: assign tasks, add notes and file attachments, collaborate directly on tasks

  • Reporting capabilities: visual interface, status updates, history snapshots, annotated updates

  • Client access: direct email forwarding, privacy settings, quick share of messages, to-dos, etc.

  • Search: find information quickly without scrolling

  • Simple user interface

  • 50+ integrations

  • Unlimited project management tools: projects, tasks, comments, activity logs, storage, assignees, due dates, messages, etc.

  • Android and iOS mobile app

  • Views: Board, List, Timeline, Calendar, Portfolios, and Goals

  • 100+ integrations

  • Reporting capabilities: PDF and CSV export, charts customization and library, status updates

  • Privacy and security: SOC 2 Type II, 2FA, Google SSO, private teams and projects, unlimited free guests, etc.

Basecamp vs. Asana Integrations

basecamp vs asana

Integrations are a simple way to combine new or existing productivity tools with your project management software. Both Basecamp and Asana have an extensive collection of integrations. Check out just a few of these integrations below.

Basecamp Integrations


  • Calamari

  • Fieldtrip

  • Instabug

  • Lightkey

  • Project Buddy

  • ScrumDo

  • Tracked


  • Workstack

  • Zapier

  • Ziflow

  • Zoho Flow

  • And other apps

Asana Integrations

  • Adobe Creative Cloud

  • HubSpot

  • Google Calendar

  • Google Drive

  • Gmail

  • Jira

  • Lightkey

  • Microsoft Teams

  • Microsoft Outlook

  • Microsoft OneDrive

  • Salesforce

  • Slack

  • Zapier

  • Zendesk

  • And other apps

Want to learn more about these helpful integrations? Head over to the Basecamp and Asana websites for further information on how these tools can assist you.

Choosing Between Basecamp vs. Asana

basecamp vs asana

So, should you choose Basecamp or Asana? The answer really depends on your specific business. Both platforms offer a variety of tools that can make your workdays a little easier.

Integrations such as predictive text software can speed up your content creation process and boost productivity. Both Basecamp and Asana integrate with Lightkey, a predictive text software that increases your typing speed exponentially. Lightkey offers relevant words or phrases based on previous content to help you type at the speed of thought.

Decrease your typing errors and create impressive content with ease using Lightkey’s ample features. Experience the power of Lightkey today as you integrate it into your Basecamp or Asana platform.


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